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Sector DC Dipoles Design for the Beam Test Facility Upgrade / Vannozzi, A. (INFN-LNF) ; Lauciani, S. (INFN-LNF) ; Pellegrino, L. (INFN-LNF) ; Sabbatini, L. (INFN-LNF) ; Sanelli, C. (INFN-LNF) ; Sensolini, G. (INFN-LNF) ; Valente, P. (INFN-Roma)
The Beam Test Facility (BTF) is part of the DAΦNE accelerators system of INFN Frascati National Laboratory (LNF). It is a transfer-line optimized for selection, attenuation and manipulation of electrons and positrons extracted from the DAΦNE LINAC. [...]
AIDA-2020-CONF-2020-013.- Geneva : CERN, 2020 - Published in : Fulltext: PDF;
In : 9th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Vancouver, Canada, 29 Apr - 4 May 2018

レコードの詳細 - ほとんど同じレコード
First performance results of the Lycoris large area strip telescope / Kraemer, U. (DESY) ; Wu, M. (DESY)
AIDA-2020-SLIDE-2020-026.- Geneva : CERN, 2020 Fulltext: PDF;

レコードの詳細 - ほとんど同じレコード
The EUDET telescopes: Status, Performance and Prospects / Huth, L. (DESY)
AIDA-2020-SLIDE-2020-025.- Geneva : CERN, 2020 Fulltext: PDF;

レコードの詳細 - ほとんど同じレコード
Development of a large active area beam telescope based on the SiD microstrip sensor / Wu, M. (DESY) ; Breidenbach, M. (SLAC) ; Freytag, D. (SLAC) ; Herbst, R. (SLAC) ; Kraemer, U. (DESY) ; Reese, B. (SLAC) ; Roelofs, S. (The Hague University of Applied Sciences) ; Stanitzki, M. (DESY)
A beam telescope as one of the most important and often requested test beam equipment provides particle tracking to test beam users. At the DESY II test beam facility, a new beam telescope called Lycoris based on a microstrip sensor has been designed to address the user demands for momentum measurement in a 1 T solenoid magnet or large area tracking with limited space (3:5 cm between the potential user device and the magnet inner wall). [...]
AIDA-2020-CONF-2020-012.- Geneva : CERN, 2020 - Published in : Fulltext: PDF;
In : 15th Vienna Conference on Instrumentation, Vienna, Austria, 18 - 22 Feb 2019

レコードの詳細 - ほとんど同じレコード
The MPGD-Based Photon Detectors for the upgrade of COMPASS RICH-1 and beyond / Dalla Torre, S. (INFN Trieste)
AIDA-2020-SLIDE-2020-024.- Geneva : CERN, 2020 Fulltext: PDF;

レコードの詳細 - ほとんど同じレコード
Optimized MPGD-based photon detectors for high momentum particle identification at the Electron-Ion Collider / Agarwala, J. (INFN Trieste)
AIDA-2020-POSTER-2020-004.- Geneva : CERN, 2020 Fulltext: PDF;

レコードの詳細 - ほとんど同じレコード
The MPGD-Based Photon Detectors for the upgrade of COMPASS RICH-1 and beyond / Dalla Torre, S. (INFN Trieste (on behalf of the COMPASS RICH group))
AIDA-2020-SLIDE-2020-023.- Geneva : CERN, 2020 Fulltext: PDF;

レコードの詳細 - ほとんど同じレコード
Construction, Commissioning and First Results of a Highly Granular Hadron Calorimeter with SiPM-on-Tile Read-out / Chau, P. (JGU (on behalf of the CALICE AHCAL groups))
The CALICE collaboration is developing a highly granular Analogue Hadron sampling CALorimeter (AHCAL) for a future electron-positron collider. Very small detection units are required for the AHCAL due to an optimized design for the Particle Flow Algorithm. [...]
AIDA-2020-CONF-2020-011.- Geneva : CERN, 2020 - Published in : Fulltext: PDF;
In : 2018 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference (NSS/MIC 2018), Sydney, Australia, 10 - 17 Nov 2018

レコードの詳細 - ほとんど同じレコード
Optical properties and radiation hardness of Pr-doped Sol-Gel silica: influence of fiber drawing process / Fasoli, M. (University of Milano-Bicocca) ; Cova, F. (University of Milano-Bicocca) ; Moretti, F. (University of Milano-Bicocca) ; Chiodini, N. (University of Milano-Bicocca) ; Pauwels, K. (University of Milano-Bicocca) ; Auffray-Hillemanns, E. (CERN) ; Toliman Lucchini, M. (CERN) ; Bourret, E. (University of Milano) ; Veronese, I. (University of Milano, INFN Milano) ; d’Ippolito, E. (University of Milano) et al.
The optical emission from the 5d – 4f allowed transition of Pr3+ ions embedded in sol-gel silica is investigated for High Energy Physics applications requiring fast scintillating materials. A complete and detailed characterization of the optical, scintillation and radiation hardness properties of Pr-doped silica is carried out employing different experimental techniques including steady-state and time-resolved photo-luminescence, radio- and thermo-luminescence, scintillation and optical absorption. Optical absorption measurements, performed after X-ray irradiation sequences up to 1 kGy, evidence the formation of radiation-induced absorption bands related to point defects acting as color centers. Spontaneous partial recovery of the radiation-induced defects at room temperature, as well as after thermal treatments, is also disclosed. Particular attention is paid to the comparison between bulk silica, both before and after a melting process, and fibers. [...]
AIDA-2020-PUB-2017-011.- Geneva : CERN, 2017 - Published in : Journal of Luminescence: 192 (2017) , pp. 661-667 Fulltext: PDF;

レコードの詳細 - ほとんど同じレコード
TCAD advanced radiation damage modelling in silicon detectors / Morozzi, A. (INFN Perugia) ; Moscatelli, F. (INFN Perugia, CNR-IOM) ; Passeri, D. (INFN Perugia, University of Perugia) ; Bilei, G.M. (INFN Perugia)
AIDA-2020-SLIDE-2020-022.- Geneva : CERN, 2020 Fulltext: PDF;

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