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MD3284: Partially Stripped Ions in the LHC / Schaumann, Michaela (CERN) ; Abramov, Andrey (University of London (GB)) ; Alemany Fernandez, Reyes (CERN) ; Argyropoulos, Theodoros (CERN) ; Bartosik, Hannes (CERN) ; Biancacci, Nicolo (CERN) ; Bohl, Thomas (CERN) ; Bracco, Chiara (CERN) ; Bruce, Roderik (CERN) ; Burger, Stephane (CERN) et al.
On 25 July 2018 partially stripped lead ions with one remaining electron (208Pb81+) were injected, accelerated and stored in the LHC for the first time in the scope of MD3284. [...]
- 2019.

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MD3288: Instability latency with controlled noise / Furuseth, Sondre (EPFL - Ecole Polytechnique Federale Lausanne (CH)) ; Buffat, Xavier (CERN) ; Metral, Elias (CERN) ; Valuch, Daniel (CERN) ; Salvant, Benoit (CERN) ; Amorim, David (Universite Grenoble-Alpes (FR)) ; Mounet, Nicolas (CERN) ; Soderen, Martin (CERN) ; Antipov, Sergey (CERN) ; Pieloni, Tatiana (EPFL - Ecole Polytechnique Federale Lausanne (CH)) et al.
During this MD, performed on June 14th and July 26th, 2018, the latency of single bunch instabilities was tested with an external controllable noise produced by the ADT kicker. [...]
- 2019. - 29 p.
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Improvements to the SPS Slow Extraction for High Intensity Operation / Balhan, Bruno (CERN) ; Bestmann, Patrick (CERN) ; Bjorkman, Daniel (CERN) ; Borburgh, Jan (CERN) ; Butcher, Mark (CERN) ; Calviani, Marco (CERN) ; Di Castro, Mario (CERN) ; Donze, Mathieu (CERN) ; Esposito, Luigi Salvatore (CERN) ; Fraser, Matthew Alexander (CERN) et al.
Slow extraction using the third-integer resonance and thin electrostatic septa as used in the SPS to serve the North Area is a process with inherent beam loss. [...]
- 2019. - 87 p.
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Effect of Crab cavity HOMs on the coupled-bunch stability of HL-LHC / Antipov, Sergey (CERN) ; Biancacci, Nicolo (CERN) ; Komppula, Jani Paavo Olavi ; Metral, Elias (CERN) ; Salvant, Benoit (CERN) ; Burov, Alexey (Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (US))
High frequency High Order Modes can significantly affect the coupled-bunch stability in a circular accelerator. [...]
- 2019.

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MD4036: New ADT signal processing for large tune acceptance / Komppula, Jani Paavo Olavi ; Buffat, Xavier (CERN) ; Kotzian, Gerd (CERN) ; Li, Kevin Shing Bruce (CERN) ; Valuch, Daniel (CERN)
Transverse feedback system (ADT) performance can be optimized with digital FIR filters [...]
- 2019. - 20 p.

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Operation and Configuration of the LHC in Run 2 / Wenninger, Jorg (CERN)
Between 2015 and 2018 the LHC was operated with protons at beam energies of 6.5 TeV with an integrated production of 160 fb-1 both ATLAS and CMS in proton operation. [...]
- 2019.
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Crab Cavity RF Noise Feedback and Transverse Damper Interaction / Baudrenghien, Philippe (CERN) ; Mastoridis, Themistoklis (California Polytechnic State Univ. (US)) ; Miller, Benjamin Nicholas
Crab cavities are an important component of the LHC upgrade, and will contribute strongly to achieving an increase in the number of recorded collisions [...]
- 2019. - 7 p.
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Estimated LHC RF system performance reach at injection during Run III and beyond / Timko, Helga (CERN) ; Chapochnikova, Elena (CERN) ; Turaj, Katarzyna (CERN)
This note describes the performance limitations of the present LHC RF system on the injection plateau, in view of increased intensities in Run III and in the HL-LHC era. [...]
- 2018.
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MD#4164: Separatrix folding with octupoles during slow extraction at SPS / Stoel, Linda (Vienna University of Technology (AT)) ; Fraser, Matthew Alexander (CERN) ; Goddard, Brennan (CERN) ; Kain, Verena (CERN) ; Velotti, Francesco Maria (CERN)
The powering of the SPS main octupole circuit (LOF) during third-integer slow extraction was tested to reduce the density of the beam impinging the wires of the electrostatic extraction septum (ZS) [...]
- 2019.
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CERN Injector Complex Availability 2018 / Niemi, Arto (CERN) ; Apollonio, Andrea (CERN) ; Ponce, Laurette (CERN) ; Todd, Benjamin (CERN) ; Walsh, David John (CERN)
This document summarises the injector availability during 2018. [...]
- 2019. - 25 p.
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