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Instability caused by electron cloud in combined function magnets: the FERMILAB experience / Antipov, S A (CERN)
Electron cloud can lead to a fast instability in intense proton and positron beams in circular accelerators. In the Fermilab Recycler the electron cloud is confined within its combined function magnets. [...]
2020 - 6 p. - Published in : CERN Yellow Rep. Conf. Proc. 7 (2020) 91-96 Fulltext from publisher: PDF;
In : ECLOUD’18: Proceedings of the Joint INFN-CERN-ARIES Workshop on Electron-Cloud Effects, La Biodola, Isola d'Elba, Italy, 3 - 7 Jun 2018, pp.91-96 (CERN-2020-007)

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Coupled-bunch instabilities and related effects due to electron cloud in SuperKEKB LER / Tobiyama, Makoto (KEK, Tsukuba ; Sokendai, Tsukuba)
Coupled-bunch instabilities due to electron cloud effect have been observed in KEKB LER. The effect was clearly explained by the electron cloud effect (ECE) in the drift space by the numerical simulations. [...]
Geneva : CERN, 2020 - 6 p. - Published in : CERN Yellow Rep. Conf. Proc. 7 (2020) 21-26 Fulltext from publisher: PDF;
In : ECLOUD’18: Proceedings of the Joint INFN-CERN-ARIES Workshop on Electron-Cloud Effects, La Biodola, Isola d'Elba, Italy, 3 - 7 Jun 2018, pp.21-26 (CERN-2020-007)

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Numerical simulations studies on single-bunch instabilities driven by electron clouds at the LHC / Sabato, Luca (CERN) ; Iadarola, Giovanni (CERN) ; Mether, Lotta (CERN)
Instabilities driven by electron clouds in the LHC are studied by means of numerical simulations performed with the PyECLOUD-PYHEADTAIL suite. [...]
- 2020. - 29 p.
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MD 3603: Dynamic Aperture with uncorrected dipole b3 / Hofer, Michael (Vienna University of Technology (AT)) ; Carlier, Felix Simon (Technische Universiteit Delft (NL)) ; Dilly, Joschua Werner (Humboldt University of Berlin (DE)) ; Fol, Elena (Goethe University Frankfurt (DE)) ; Garcia-Tabares Valdivieso, Ana (Universidad Complutense (ES)) ; Maclean, Ewen Hamish (CERN) ; Malina, Lukas (CERN) ; Persson, Tobias Hakan Bjorn (CERN) ; Coello De Portugal - Martinez Vazquez, Jaime Maria ; Solfaroli Camillocci, Matteo (CERN) et al.
The hadron collider options currently investigated as part of the FCC study rely on the use of dipoles with a field strength of 16 T or above in order to achieve the targeted collision energy. [...]
- 2020. - 22 p.
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MD3287: Luminosity scans with waist shifts / Coello De Portugal - Martinez Vazquez, Jaime Maria ; Malina, Lukas (CERN) ; Tomas Garcia, Rogelio (CERN)
This note reports on the first measurements of the beam waist displacements in the LHC using luminosity scans. [...]
- 2020. - 11 p.

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Orbit Correction Studies on the HL–LHC Layout and Optics V1.5 / Andersson, Joel Daniel (Lund University (SE)) ; De Maria, Riccardo (CERN) ; Gamba, Davide (CERN)
In this report three separate studies on the topic of orbit correction are presented for the HL–LHC V1.5 layout and 15 cm β∗ optics for protons. [...]
- 2020. - 51 p.
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Design and Tuning of Secondary Beamlines in the CERN North and East Areas / Gatignon, Lau (CERN)
This document gives guidance for the design and tuning of secondary beam lines at CERN. [...]
- 2020.

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Impact of deconditioning on the secondary electron yield of Cu surfaces in particle accelerators / Petit, V (CERN ; ONERA, Toulouse) ; Taborelli, M (CERN) ; Zanin, D A (CERN) ; Neupert, H (CERN) ; Chiggiato, P (CERN) ; Belhaj, M (ONERA, Toulouse)
Electron cloud is a critical phenomenon in particle accelerators operating with high intensity and positively charged beams, as it is responsible for beam instabilities, vacuum degradation, and heat load on cryogenic sections. Electron clouds provoke a conditioning of the beam pipe that is reflected on the reduction of its secondary electron yield (SEY). [...]
2020 - 9 p. - Published in : Phys. Rev. Accel. Beams 23 (2020) 093101 Fulltext from publisher: PDF;

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Description of Coherent Beam Instabilities in the Presence of Space Charge Forces using the Circulant Matrix Model / Hogh, Cathrine Norre
Low energy hadron synchrotrons face significant limitations in the number of particles per bunch because of the direct electromagnetic interaction of beam particles, known as space charge [...]
CERN-THESIS-2020-114 - 40 p.

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Book cover Multipactor in accelerating cavities / Shemelin, Valery D
This book is written by two world-recognized experts in radio frequency (RF) systems for particle accelerators and is based on many years of experience in dealing with the multipactor phenomenon [...]
Cham : Springer, 2020.

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