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This new collection aggregates CERN accelerator-related documents on CDS. It will continuously be enriched and improved in the near future.
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Efficient Evaluation of Arbitrary Static Fields For Symplectic Particle Tracking / Bojtar, Lajos (CERN)
This article describes a method devised for efficient evaluation of arbitrary static magnetic and electric fields in a source free region needed for long time tracking of charged particles. [...]
- 2018. - 9 p.

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Magnetic Measurements of the vacuum Vessel for the High-Gradient Four-Cavity Cryomodule / Papadopoulos, Sotirios ; Ramberger, Suitbert (CERN)
This document summarizes the results of magnetic measurements performed on the vacuum vessel for the High-Gradient cryomodule..
- 2018. - 9 p.
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Material options for the superconducting rf system of the Future Circular Collider / Aull, Sarah ; Brunner, Olivier (CERN) ; Butterworth, Andy (CERN) ; Schwerg, Nikolai
The design of the superconducting RF (SRF) systems of the Future Circular Collider (FCC) machine variants requires a thorough comparison of the different options for cavity material, oper- ating temperature and frequency. We collected representative SRF performance data at different frequencies and temperatures of bulk niobium as the standard technology and of niobium thin films as a potential alternative and develop a perspective for future performance for all material- frequency-temperature combinations as function of accelerating gradient. [...]
CERN-ACC-2018-0019.- Geneva : CERN, 2018 Fulltext: PDF;

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Development and properties of high thermal conductivity molybdenum carbide - graphite composites / Guardia-Valenzuela, Jorge (CERN ; U. Zaragoza (main)) ; Bertarelli, Alessandro (CERN) ; Carra, Federico (CERN ; Polytech. Turin) ; Mariani, Nicola (Euratom, St. Paul Lez Durance) ; Bizzaro, Stefano (Brevetti BIZZ, San Bonifacio) ; Arenal, Raul (U. Zaragoza (main) ; ARAID, Zaragoza)
A family of novel graphite-based composites reinforced with a dispersion of molybdenum carbide particles, with very high thermal and electrical properties, has been recently developed at CERN, in collaboration with Brevetti Bizz (IT), for applications in particle accelerators. [...]
2018. - 13 p.
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Preliminary Modeling Of Radiation Levels At The Fermilab PIP-II Linac / Lari, L. (Fermilab ; CERN) ; Cerutti, F. ; Esposito, L.S. ; Baffes, C. ; Dixon, S.J. ; Mokhov, N.V. ; Rakhno, I. ; Tropin, I.S. /PIP II Collaboration
PIP-II is the Fermilab's flagship project for providing powerful, high-intensity proton beams to the laboratory's experiments. The heart of PIP-II is an 800-MeV superconducting linac accelerator. [...]
Fermilab-Conf-18-119-AD; arXiv:1806.05725; FERMILAB-CONF-18-119-AD.- 2018-04 - 4 p. - Published in : , pp. TUPAF074 Fulltext: PDF; External link: FERMILABCONF
In : 9th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Vancouver, Canada, 29 Apr - 4 May 2018, pp.TUPAF074

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A primary electron beam facility at CERN / Åkesson, T. (Lund U.) ; Dutheil, Y. (CERN) ; Evans, L. (CERN) ; Grudiev, A. (CERN) ; Papaphilippou, Y. (CERN) ; Stapnes, S. (CERN)
This document describes the concept of a primary electron beam facility at CERN, to be used for dark gauge force and light dark matter searches. [...]
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RF pulse shape control in the compact linear collider test facility / Kononenko, Oleksiy (SLAC ; CERN) ; Corsini, Roberto (CERN)
The Compact Linear Collider (CLIC) is a study for an electron–positron machine aiming at accelerating and colliding particles at the next energy frontier. The CLIC concept is based on the novel two-beam acceleration scheme, where a high-current low-energy drive beam generates RF in series of power extraction and transfer structures accelerating the low-current main beam. [...]
2018 - 9 p. - Published in : Nucl. Instrum. Methods Phys. Res., A 897 (2018) 72-80 Fulltext: PDF;

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Arc cell options for the HE-LHC / Keintzel, Jacqueline (Vienna University of Technology (AT))
The optics design of the High Energy Large Hadron Collider (HE-LHC), which aims to reach approximately twice the centre of mass energy of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), in an already existing tunnel is challenging which leads to a trade off between energy reach, aperture and survey offset. Different arc cell options have been stud- ied to find the best arc design of the HE-LHC, where constraints like inter-element distances and tunnel geometry need to be considered as well as the reachable center of mass energy. [...]
Geneva : CERN, 2018 Access to fulltext document: PDF;

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Investigation on the sensitivity of a 65nm Flash-based FPGA for CERN applications / Tsiligiannis, Georgios (CERN) ; Ferraro, Rudy (CERN) ; Danzeca, Salvatore (CERN) ; Masi, Alessandro (CERN) ; Brugger, Markus (CERN) ; Saigné, Frédéric (Montpellier U.)
The continuous need for upgrading the instrumentation and control electronics operating in various CERN experiments and along the LHC accelerator, has driven the qualification process of the new Flash-Based SmartFusion2 FPGAs; a leading candidate to be embedded in future systems. The radiation testing conditions have been chosen to fit the unique CERN environment, while the setup is carefully chosen to qualify all the subcomponents of the SoC FPGA that the engineering teams of CERN are considering for exploitation..
2017 - 4 p. - Published in : 10.1109/RADECS.2016.8093209
In : 16th European Conference on Radiation and its Effects on Components and Systems, Bremen, Germany, 19 - 23 Sep 2016, pp.8093209

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Impact of filling scheme on beam induced RF heating in CERN LHC and HL-LHC / Giordano, Francesco
At CERN, after the first maintenance cycle (Long Shutdown 1, LS1) of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), several sectors of the accelerator present a beam-induced heating much larger than expectations [...]
CERN-THESIS-2017-393 - 104 p.

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