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CERN’s Prévessin site post office
Bureau de poste du site de Prévessin du CERN
The post office at CERN’s Prévessin site (Building 866) is open Monday to Thursday from 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m [...]
BUL-AN-2016-009.- 2016 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 07/2016 08/2016

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Reclaiming unused IPv4 addresses
Redistribution des adresses IP IPv4
/ IT Department
As many people might know, the number of IPv4 addresses is limited and almost all have been allocated (see here and here for more information).   Although CERN has been allocated some 340,000 addresses, the way these are allocated across the site is not as efficient as we would like. [...]
BUL-AN-2016-008.- 2016 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 07/2016 08/2016 09/2016 10/2016

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Upcoming opening of CERN's new Mobility Centre
Ouverture prochaine du nouveau Centre de mobilité du CERN
On 29 February, CERN’s brand new Mobility Centre will open in the Globe car park. The Centre has been created to cater to the transport needs of everyone at CERN, to simplify procedures and to centralise all the transport services on offer: the rental of CERN bikes and cars, the CERN car-sharing scheme and SIXT car rental. [...]
BUL-AN-2016-007.- 2016 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 07/2016 08/2016 09/2016 10/2016 Fulltext: MobilityCenter1_image - PNG; MoibilityCenter2_image - JPG; MobilityCenter_image - JPG;

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Registration of vehicles at the Gex sous-préfecture: now by appointment only
Immatriculation des véhicules à la sous-préfecture de Gex : prise de rendez-vous obligatoire

The Gex sous-préfecture has informed CERN that it has taken the following steps in order to reduce waiting times at its counters for the issue of carte grise vehicle registration certificates. As of 1 February 2016, you must book an appointment via the website for all services relating to the registration of vehicles, in particular the:   change of the holder of a registration certificate, issue of a certificat de situation administrative (administrative status certificate required for the sale of a vehicle), change of marital status (or company name in the case of legal entities), change of address, change in the technical specification of the vehicle, corrections to registration certificates, equests for duplicates (loss or theft of registration certificates), registration of a diplomatic vehicle (CERN), registration of a new vehicle, registration of vehicles purchased tax-free in the Pays de Gex free zone (formerly TTW series), and import of vehicles (from within the EU, from Switzerland, from outside the EU). [...]
BUL-AN-2016-006.- 2016 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 05/2016 06/2016 07/2016 08/2016

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Fourth Thematic CERN School of Computing
Quatrième école d'informatique thématique du CERN
/ Alberto Pace, CSC Director
The Fourth Thematic School of Computing (tCSC2016) takes place this year in Split, Croatia, from 22 to 28 May 2016.   The theme is "Efficient and Parallel Processing of Scientific Data", looking at: The challenge of scientific data processing: commonalities, analogies and the main differences between different sciences. [...]
BUL-AN-2016-005.- 2016 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 05/2016 06/2016 07/2016

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Take part in a Django Girls training!
Participez à une formation Django au féminin !
Women are often under-represented in IT. And yet, at any age and whatever their level and background, it is a field that can arouse much interest.    To overcome this under-representation, the R0SEH1PSters community organises Django workshops targeted at women to introduce them to the world of coding and technology by teaching them how to successfully create a blog application and deploy it to the internet [...]
BUL-AN-2016-004.- 2016 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 05/2016 06/2016

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AXEL-2016: Introduction to Particle Accelerators
AXEL 2016 – Introduction aux accélérateurs de particules
AXEL-2016 is the latest in a yearly lecture series on particle accelerators given at CERN within the framework of the 2016 Technical Training Programme. As part of the BE department's Operation group’s shutdown lecture series, this general accelerator physics module has been offered since 2003 as a joint venture between the BE department and the Technical Training team and is open to the wider CERN community.    The lecturer is Rende Steerenberg, deputy leader of the Operation group and PS section leader [...]
BUL-AN-2016-003.- 2016 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 03/2016 04/2016 Fulltext: PNG;

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2016 CERN-JINR European School of High-Energy Physics /
The 2016 CERN-JINR European School of High-Energy Physics will take place in Skeikampen (near to Lillehammer), Norway, on 15-28 June 2016.   The School is targeted particularly at students in experimental HEP, who are in the final years of work towards their PhDs, although candidates at an earlier or later stage in their studies may be considered. [...]
BUL-AN-2016-002.- 2016 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 03/2016 04/2016 05/2016 06/2016 07/2016

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Where students turn into teachers: the 9th Inverted CERN School of Computing /
Now in its ninth year, CERN’s “Inverted School of Computing – iCSC2016” will take place at CERN on 29 February – 2 March 2016 in the IT Auditorium (Room 31/3-004).   Attendance is free and open to everyone, and will be webcast for those who cannot attend in person [...]
BUL-AN-2016-001.- 2016 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 03/2016 04/2016 05/2016 06/2016 07/2016 08/2016 09/2016

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Wanted: Moderators for International Masterclasses in Particle Physics
On recherche des modérateurs pour les Cours internationaux en physique des particules
The International Masterclasses in Particle Physics give high school students from around the world the opportunity to become particle physicists for a day. CERN physicists are invited to participate in next year’s Masterclass programme, to be held from 11 February to 23 March 2016. [...]
BUL-AN-2015-071.- 2015 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 51/2015 52/2015 01/2016 02/2016 03/2016 04/2016 05/2016 06/2016 Fulltext: PNG;

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