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Preliminary AD-Horn Thermomechanical and Electrodynamic Simulations / Lopez Sola, Edmundo (Universidad Miguel Hernandez de Elche (ES)) ; Horvath, David (CERN) ; Calviani, Marco (CERN)
As part of the Antiproton Decelerator (AD) target area consolidation activities planned for LS2, it has been necessary to perform a comprehensive study of the thermo-structural behaviour of the AD magnetic horn during operation, in order to detail specific requirements for the upgrade projects and testing procedures. [...]
CERN-EN-2016-002 ; CERN-ACC-NOTE-2016-0042.
- 2016. - 43 p.

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The Long-Term Beam Losses in the CERN Injector Chain / Gilardoni, Simone (CERN) ; Bartosik, Hannes (CERN) ; Benedetto, Elena (CERN) ; Damerau, Heiko (CERN) ; Forte, Vincenzo (Universite Blaise Pascal (FR)) ; Giovannozzi, Massimo (CERN) ; Goddard, Brennan (CERN) ; Hancock, Steven (CERN) ; Hanke, Klaus (CERN) ; Huschauer, Alexander (CERN) et al.
For the production of the LHC type beams, but also for the high intensity ones, the budget allocated to losses in the CERN injector chain is maintained as tight as possi- ble, in particular to keep as low as possible the activation of the different machine elements. Various beam dynamics effects, like for example beam interaction with betatronic resonances, beam instabilities, but also reduced efficiency of the RF capture processes or RF noise, can produce losses even on a very long time scale. [...]
CERN-EN-2016-001.- Geneva : CERN, 2015 - 5 p. - Published in : (2015) , pp. THO1LR01
In : Hadron Beams 2014, East-Lansing, USA, 10 - 14 Nov 2014, pp.THO1LR01

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Applying Model Checking to Industrial-Sized PLC Programs / Fernandez Adiego, Borja (CERN) ; Darvas, Daniel (Budapest University of Technology and Economics (HU)) ; Blanco Vinuela, Enrique (CERN) ; Tournier, Jean-Charles (CERN) ; Bliudze, Simon (EPFL) ; Blech, Jan Olaf (RMIT U.) ; Gonzalez Suarez, Victor M (Oviedo U.)
Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are embedded computers widely used in industrial control systems. Ensuring that a PLC software complies with its specification is a challenging task. [...]
CERN-OPEN-2015-009.- Geneva : CERN, 2015 - 11 p. - Published in : IEEE Trans. Ind. Inform. 11 (2015) 1400-1410 Preprint: PDF;

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Network Distributed Data Acquisition, Storage, and Graphical Live Display Software for a Laser Ion Source at CERN / Rossel, Ralf Erik (Fachhochschule Wiesbaden) ; Richter, Detlef (Fachhochschule Wiesbaden) ; Rothe, Sebastian (CERN)
This project documentation outlines the requirements and implementation details for the measurement data recording software currently in development for the Resonance Ionisation Laser Ion Source (RILIS) at CERN. [...]
- 2014. - 26 p.

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The management of large cabling campaigns during the Long Shutdown 1 of LHC / Meroli, Stefano (CERN) ; Machado, Simao (CERN) ; Formenti, Fabio (CERN) ; Frans, Marten (CERN) ; Guillaume, Jean Claude (CERN) ; Ricci, Daniel (CERN)
The Large Hadron Collider at CERN entered into its first 18 month-long shutdown period in February 2013. During this period the entire CERN accelerator complex will undergo major consolidation and upgrade works, preparing the machines for LHC operation at nominal energy (7 TeV/beam). [...]
CERN-OPEN-2014-042.- Geneva : CERN, 2014 - 12 p. - Published in : J. Instrum. 9 (2014) C03042 Article: PDF; IOP Open Access article: PDF;
In : Topical Workshop on Electronics for Particle Physics, Perugia, Italy, 23 - 27 Sep 2013, pp.C03042

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New Post-Collision Line Design / Gatignon, Lau (CERN) ; Deacon, Lawrence (CERN)
The 1.5 TeV Compact Linear Collider (CLIC) beams, with a total power of 14 MW per beam, are disrupted at the interaction point due to the very strong beam-beam effect. [...]
CERN-OPEN-2014-025 ; CLIC-Note-1023.
- 2014. - 11 p.

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Studies of Cs3Sb cathodes for the CLIC drive beam photo injector option / Martini, Irene (CERN) ; Chevallay, Eric (CERN) ; Doebert, Steffen (CERN) ; Fedosseev, Valentine (CERN) ; Hessler, Christoph (CERN) ; Martyanov, Mikhail (CERN)
Within the CLIC (Compact Linear Collider) project, feasibility studies of a photo injector option for the drive beam as an alternative to its baseline design using a thermionic electron gun are on-going [...]
CERN-OPEN-2013-040 ; CLIC-Note-1020.
- 2013. - 4 p.

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CLIC MDI Overview / Gatignon, Lau (CERN)
This paper gives an introduction to the layout of the CLIC Machine Detector Interface as it has been defined for the CLIC Conceptual Design Report. [...]
CERN-OPEN-2012-010 ; CLIC-Note-937.
- 2012. - 11 p.

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Integrating Controls Frameworks: Control Systems for NA62 LAV Detector Test Beams / Holme, Oliver (CERN ; Zurich, ETH) ; Arroyo Garcia, Jonas (CERN) ; Golonka, Piotr (CERN) ; Gonzalez-Berges, Manuel (CERN) ; Milcent, Hervé (CERN)
The detector control system for the NA62 experiment at CERN, to be ready for physics data-taking in 2014, is going to be built based on control technologies recommended by the CERN Engineering group. A rich portfolio of the technologies is planned to be showcased and deployed in the final application, and synergy between them is needed. [...]
CERN-OPEN-2011-043.- Geneva : CERN, 2011 - 4 p. - Published in : Conf. Proc.: C111010 (2011) , pp. MOPMN020 Fulltext: PDF; External link: Published version from JaCoW
In : 13th International Conference on Accelerator and Large Experimental Physics Control Systems, Grenoble, France, 10 - 14 Oct 2011, pp.285-288

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Fluka and thermo-mechanical studies for the CLIC main dump / Mereghetti, Alessio (CERN) ; Maglioni, Cesare (CERN) ; Vlachoudis, Vasilis (CERN)
In order to best cope with the challenge of absorbing the multi-MW beam, a water beam dump at the end of the CLIC post-collision line has been proposed [...]
CERN-OPEN-2011-030 ; CLIC-Note-876.
- 2011. - 12 p.

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