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A Functional Verification Methodology for Highly Parametrizable, Continuously Operating Safety-Critical FPGA Designs: Applied to the CERN RadiatiOn Monitoring Electronics (CROME) / Ceesay-Seitz, Katharina (CERN) ; Boukabache, Hamza (CERN) ; Perrin, Daniel (CERN)
Electronic systems that are related to human safety need to comply to strict international standards such as the IEC 61508. We present a functional verification methodology for highly parametrizable, continuously operating, safety-critical real-time systems implemented in FPGAs. [...]
2020 Fulltext (Preprint): PDF;
In : SAFECOMP 2020: Computer Safety, Reliability, and Security, Lisbon, Portugal, 15 - 18 Sep 2020, pp.67-81

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The Fluence Conversion Coefficients method : applications to radiological characterization with the FLUKA and PHITS codes. / Bozzato, D ; Froeschl, R (ed.)
One of the key aspects of radiation protection is the radiological characterization of components that have been exposed to a radiation environment [...]

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Semi-formal Reformulation of Requirements for Formal Property Verification / Ceesay-Seitz, Katharina (CERN) ; Boukabache, Hamza (CERN) ; Perrin, Daniel (CERN)
Ambiguously specified requirements can be a source of risk for safety-critical electronic designs. Requirement specifications in natural language are subject to misinterpretation. [...]
Fulltext: PDF;
In : Design and Verification Conference in Europe, Munich, 29 - 30 Oct 2019, pp.7.1

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