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An upgraded luminosity leveling procedure for the ALICE Experiment / de Cataldo, Giacinto (INFN, Bari ; CERN) ; Valentino, Gianluca (CERN ; U. Malta) ; Franco, Antonio (INFN, Bari ; CERN) ; Alemany, Reyes (CERN) ; Follin, Fabio (CERN) ; Hostettler, Michi (CERN ; U. Bern (main)) ; Wenninger, Jorg (CERN)
The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) Interface project (LHC_IF) ensures that the A Large Ion Collider Experiment (ALICE) can operate congruently and safely with the LHC in different machine configurations and beam modes. Measurements in proton–proton (pp) collisions are vital for ALICE and serve as a reference to calibrate the Pb ion–Pb ion (Pb–Pb) measurements. [...]
2019 - 8 p. - Published in : IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci. 66 (2019) 763-770

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Validation of energy deposition simulations for proton and heavy ion losses in the CERN Large Hadron Collider / Lechner, A (CERN) ; Auchmann, B (CERN) ; Baer, T (CERN) ; Bahamonde Castro, C (CERN) ; Bruce, R (CERN) ; Cerutti, F (CERN) ; Esposito, L S (CERN) ; Ferrari, A (CERN) ; Jowett, J M (CERN) ; Mereghetti, A (CERN) et al.
Monte Carlo shower simulations are essential for understanding and predicting the consequences of beam losses in high-energy proton and ion colliders. Shower simulations are routinely used at CERN for estimating the beam-induced energy deposition, radiation damage, and radioactivity in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). [...]
2019 - 24 p. - Published in : Phys. Rev. Accel. Beams 22 (2019) 071003 Fulltext from Publisher: PDF;

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Proceedings of the 2019 MPP Workshop / Strachinescu, Sabina-Ioana (National School of Political and Administrative Studies Bucharest (RO)) ; Wollmann, Daniel (CERN) ; Zerlauth, Markus (CERN)
This report contains the proceedings of the MPP Workshop on LHC Machine Protection, held in Bogis-Bossey from 7th to 8th of May [...]
- 2019. - 24 p.
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Mechanical analysis of the collaring process of the 11 T dipole magnet / Ferracin, Paolo (CERN) ; Bottura, Luca (CERN) ; Bourcey, Nicolas (CERN) ; Daly, Michael (CERN) ; Devred, Arnaud (CERN) ; Izquierdo Bermudez, Susana (CERN) ; Ferradas Troitino, Jose (CERN) ; Ferradas Troitino, Salvador (CERN) ; Grosclaude, Philippe (CERN) ; Guinchard, Michael (CERN) et al.
As part of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) accelerator upgrades foreseen by the high luminosity-LHC project, the CERN 11 T program is aimed at replacing standard LHC Nb-Ti main dipole magnets, operating with a bore field of 8.3 T, with pairs of shorter Nb$_3$Sn dipole magnets with a bore field of 11 T and the same total integrated field, thus providing space for additional collimators in the dispersion suppressor region. At the time of the submission of this paper, six single-aperture and two double-aperture short models have been fabricated and tested. [...]
2019 - 5 p. - Published in : IEEE Trans. Appl. Supercond. 29 (2019) 4002705

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Data-driven cross-talk modeling of beam losses in LHC collimators / Azzopardi, Gabriella (CERN ; U. Malta) ; Salvachua, Belen (CERN) ; Valentino, Gianluca (U. Malta)
The Large Hadron Collider at CERN is equipped with a collimation system to intercept potentially dangerous beam halo particles before they damage its sensitive equipment. The collimator settings are determined following a beam-based alignment procedure, in which the collimator jaws are moved towards the beam until losses appear in the beam loss monitors. [...]
2019 - 11 p. - Published in : Phys. Rev. Accel. Beams 22 (2019) 083002 Fulltext: PDF;

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LHC injection losses for tighter collimator settings in view of the HE-LHC / Crouch, Matthew Paul (CERN) ; Bartmann, Wolfgang (CERN)
In view of the smaller physical apertures of Nb3Sn magnets for the HE-LHC study, a machine study was performed in the LHC to tighten correspondingly the ring and injection protection collimators and measure the change in loss behaviour [...]
- 2019. - 8 p.

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WEPLATE WP8 6DOF ALIGNMENT PLATFORM / Lino Diogo Dos Santos, Miguel (CERN) ; Evrard, Sebastien (CERN) ; Fuchs, Jean-Frederic (CERN) ; Labarthe-Vacquier, Julien (CERN) ; Sanchez Galan, Francisco (CERN) ; Vieille, Alban (CERN)
In the context of the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) upgrade at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) known as HL-LHC (High Luminosity LHC) which will increase the LHC luminosity (rate of collisions) by a factor of five beyond the original design value and the integrated luminosity (total collisions created) by a factor ten, WP8 (Work Package 8) proposed a new alignment platform concept for the alignment of TANB (Target Absorber Neutrals) being installed in LS2 (Long Shutdown 2) at Point 8. [...]
- 2019. - 23 p.
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ATLAS Experiment Colouring Book in Bulgarian / Anthony, Katarina (Universita degli Studi di Udine (IT))
Language: Bulgarian - The ATLAS Experiment Colouring Book is a free-to-download educational book, ideal for kids aged 5-9. [...]
- 2019. - 16.
Language: Bulgarian

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First High-Intensity Beam Tests with Telescopic Flat Optics at the LHC / Fartoukh, Stephane (CERN) ; Azzopardi, Gabriella (University of Malta (MT)) ; Bruce, Roderik (CERN) ; Buffat, Xavier (CERN) ; Coello De Portugal - Martinez Vazquez, Jaime Maria ; Dilly, Joschua Werner (Ministere des affaires etrangeres et europeennes (FR)) ; Fol, Elena (Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe Univ. (DE)) ; Fuster Martinez, Nuria (CERN) ; Garcia-Tabares Valdivieso, Ana (Universidad Complutense (ES)) ; Hofer, Michael (Vienna University of Technology (AT)) et al.
The paper reports on the first high-intensity beam tests obtained with flat optics in 2018 (MD2148). [...]
- 2019. - 39 p.

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Stability modeling of the LHC Nb-Ti Rutherford cables subjected to beam losses / Bottura, L (CERN) ; Breschi, M (Bologna U.) ; Felcini, E (CERN) ; Lechner, A (CERN)
The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN is being prepared for its full energy exploitation during run III, i.e., an increase of the beam energy beyond the present 6.5 TeV, targeting the maximum discovery potential attainable. This requires an increase of the operating field of the superconducting dipole and quadrupole magnets, which in turn will result in more demanding working conditions due to a reduction of the operating margin while the energy deposited by particle loss will increase. [...]
2019 - 10 p. - Published in : Phys. Rev. Accel. Beams 22 (2019) 041002 Fulltext from Publisher: PDF;

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