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50 GeV π− in, nothing out: a sensitive probe of invisible η and η′ decays with NA64h / Andreev, Yu.M. (Unlisted) ; Antonov, A. (INFN, Genoa) ; Ayala Torres, M.A. (Andres Bello Natl. U. ; SAPHIR Millennium Inst.) ; Banerjee, D. (CERN) ; Oberhauser, B. Banto (Zurich, ETH) ; Bernhard, J. (CERN) ; Bisio, P. (INFN, Genoa ; U. Genoa) ; Celentano, A. (INFN, Genoa) ; Charitonidis, N. (CERN) ; Cooke, D. (University Coll. London) et al. /NA64
We present the first results from a proof-of-concept search for dark sectors via invisible decays of pseudoscalar η and η′ mesons in the NA64h experiment at the CERN SPS. Our novel technique uses the charge-exchange reaction of 50 GeV π− on nuclei of an active target as the source of neutral mesons. [...]
arXiv:2406.01990; CERN-EP-2024-153.- Geneva : CERN, 2024 - 5 p. Fulltext: 2406.01990 - PDF; CERN-EP-DRAFT-NA64-2024-002_v2 - PDF; CERN-EP-DRAFT-NA64-2024-002 - PDF;

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Search for a light muon-philic $Z^\prime$ with the NA64-$e$ experiment at CERN / Andreev, Yu.M. (Unlisted) ; Antonov, A. (INFN, Genoa) ; Banerjee, D. (CERN) ; Oberhauser, B. Banto (Zurich, ETH) ; Bernhard, J. (CERN) ; Bisio, P. (INFN, Genoa ; Genoa U.) ; Celentano, A. (INFN, Genoa) ; Charitonidis, N. (CERN) ; Cooke, D. (University Coll. London) ; Crivelli, P. (Zurich, ETH) et al. /NA64
The inclusion of an additional $U(1)$ gauge $L_\mu-L_\tau$ symmetry would release the tension between the measured and the predicted value of the anomalous muon magnetic moment: this paradigm assumes the existence of a new, light $Z^\prime$ vector boson, with dominant coupling to $\mu$ and $\tau$ leptons and interacting with electrons via a loop mechanism. The $L_\mu-L_\tau$ model can also explain the Dark Matter relic abundance, by assuming that the $Z^\prime$ boson acts as a ``portal'' to a new Dark Sector of particles in Nature, not charged under known interactions. [...]
arXiv:2404.06982; CERN-EP-2024-103.- Geneva : CERN, 2024 - 15 p. Draft (restricted): PDF; Fulltext: CERN-EP-2024-103 - PDF; NA64-PAPER-24-02 - PDF; 2404.06982 - PDF;

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THE NA64$\mu$ Experiment at the CERN SPS / Gertsenberger, S V (Dubna, JINR)
The NA64 experiment is a fixed-target experiment at the CERN Super Proton Synchrotron combining the active beam dump and missing energy techniques to search for rare events with 100–150 GeV electron or muon beams. The article presents the program of the NA64 experiment to explore dark sectors coupled to muons, NA64$\mu$. [...]
2024 - 5 p. - Published in : Phys. At. Nucl. 86 (2023) 1310-1314

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First Results in the Search for Dark Sectors at NA64 with the CERN SPS High Energy Muon Beam / NA64 Collaboration
We report on a search for a new $Z'$ ($L_\mu-L_\tau$) vector boson performed at the NA64 experiment employing a high energy muon beam and a missing energy-momentum technique. Muons from the M2 beamline at the CERN Super Proton Synchrotron with a momentum of 160 GeV/c are directed to an active target. [...]
arXiv:2401.01708; CERN-EP-2023-306.- Geneva : CERN, 2024-05-21 - 7 p. - Published in : Phys. Rev. Lett. 132 (2024) 211803 Draft (restricted): PDF; Fulltext: CERN-EP-2023-306 - PDF; Publication - PDF; 2401.01708 - PDF;

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Latest results and future prospects of the NA64 experiment at CERN SPS / Marsicano, Luca (INFN, Genoa) /NA64 Collaboration
The search for Dark Matter (DM) is one of the hottest topics of modern physics. Despite the various astrophysical and cosmological observations proving its existence, its elementary properties remain to date unknown. [...]
2022 - 6 p. - Published in : PoS: ICHEP2022, pp. 174
Fulltext: PDF;
In : 41st International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP 2022), Bologna, Italy, 6 - 13 Jul 2022, pp.174

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Probing light dark matter with positron beams at NA64 / NA64 Collaboration
We present the results of a missing-energy search for Light Dark Matter which has a new interaction with ordinary matter transmitted by a vector boson, called dark photon ($A^\prime$). For the first time, this search is performed with a positron beam by using the significantly enhanced production of $A^\prime$ in the resonant annihilation of positrons with atomic electrons of the target nuclei, followed by the invisible decay of $A^\prime$ into dark matter. [...]
arXiv:2308.15612; CERN-EP-2023-192.- Geneva : CERN, 2024-02-01 - 6 p. - Published in : Phys. Rev. D 109 (2024) L031103 Draft (restricted): PDF; Fulltext: CERN-EP-2023-192 - PDF; 2308.15612 - PDF; Publication - PDF;

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Search for Light Dark Matter with NA64 at CERN / NA64 Collaboration
Thermal dark matter models with particle $\chi$ masses below the electroweak scale can provide an explanation for the observed relic dark matter density. This would imply the existence of a new feeble interaction between the dark and ordinary matter. [...]
arXiv:2307.02404; CERN-EP-2023-130.- 2023-10-16 - 7 p. - Published in : Phys. Rev. Lett. 131 (2023) 161801 Fulltext: 2307.02404 - PDF; Publication - PDF;

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Measurement of the intrinsic hadronic contamination in the NA64<math altimg="si2.svg" display="inline" id="d1e670"><mrow><mo>−</mo><mi>e</mi></mrow></math> high-purity <math altimg="si3.svg" display="inline" id="d1e678"><mrow><msup><mrow><mi>e</mi></mrow><mrow><mo>+</mo></mrow></msup><mo>/</mo><msup><mrow><mi>e</mi></mrow><mrow><mo>−</mo></mrow></msup></mrow></math> beam at CERN / Andreev, Yu.M. (Unlisted) ; Banerjee, D. (CERN) ; Oberhauser, B. Banto (Zurich, ETH) ; Bernhard, J. (CERN) ; Bisio, P. (INFN, Genoa ; Genoa U.) ; Bondí, M. (INFN, Catania) ; Celentano, A. (INFN, Genoa) ; Charitonidis, N. (CERN) ; Chumakov, A.G. (Unlisted) ; Cooke, D. (University Coll. London) et al.
In this study, we present the measurement of the intrinsic hadronic contamination at the CERN SPS H4 beamline configured to transport electrons and positrons at 100 GeV/c momentum. The analysis was performed using data collected by the NA64-$e$ experiment in 2022. [...]
arXiv:2305.19411; CERN-EP-2023-108.- Geneva : CERN, 2023-10-12 - 8 p. - Published in : Nucl. Instrum. Methods Phys. Res., A 1057 (2023) 168776 Draft (restricted): PDF; Fulltext: 2305.19411 - PDF; Publication - PDF; CERN-EP-2023-108 - PDF;

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Constraining light thermal inelastic dark matter with NA64 / Mongillo, Martina (Zurich, ETH) ; Abdullahi, Asli (Fermilab ; Durham U., IPPP) ; Oberhauser, Benjamin Banto (Zurich, ETH) ; Crivelli, Paolo (Zurich, ETH) ; Hostert, Matheus (Cambridge U., DAMTP ; Perimeter Inst. Theor. Phys. ; Minnesota U. ; Minnesota U., Theor. Phys. Inst.) ; Massaro, Daniele (Bologna U. ; INFN, Bologna ; Louvain U., CP3) ; Bueno, Laura Molina (Valencia U., IFIC) ; Pascoli, Silvia (Bologna U. ; INFN, Bologna ; CERN)
A vector portal between the Standard Model and the dark sector is a predictive and compelling framework for thermal dark matter. Through co-annihilations, models of inelastic dark matter (iDM) and inelastic Dirac dark matter (i2DM) can reproduce the observed relic density in the MeV to GeV mass range without violating cosmological limits. [...]
arXiv:2302.05414; IRMP-CP3-23-09; FERMILAB-PUB-23-066-T.- 2023-05-10 - 14 p. - Published in : Eur. Phys. J. C 83 (2023) 391 Fulltext: FERMILAB-PUB-23-066-T - PDF; 2302.05414 - PDF; Fulltext from Publisher: PDF; External link: Fermilab Library Server

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NA64—Search for Dark Sector Particles / Banerjee, Dipanwita (CERN)
NA64 is a fixed target dark matter experiment at the CERN SPS searching for dark photons ($A'$) in the sub-GeV mass range at the secondary beamlines of the CERN North Area. It uses the electron beam from the H4 beamline and the muon beam from the M2 beamline with an aim to detect the dark photons from the interaction of the beam in an active target, an electromagnetic calorimeter (ECAL). [...]
2022 - 11 p. - Published in : 10.1007/978-3-031-05625-3_11
In : Advances in cosmology, pp.183-193

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