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Compensation of the long-range beam-beam interactions as a path towards new configurations for the High Luminosity LHC / Fartoukh, Stephane (CERN) ; Valishev, Alexander (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory,) ; Papaphilippou, Yannis (CERN) ; Shatilov, Dmitry (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics)
Colliding bunch trains in a circular collider demands a certain crossing angle in order to separate the two beams transversely after the collision. [...]
- 2015. - 23 p.
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Magnetic field mapping for HIE-ISOLDE cavities / Bianchi, Antonio (University of Torino)
In this report the importance of a magnetic field mapping (B-mapping) around the HIE-ISOLDE superconducting cavities is described. [...]
- 2015.
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Comments on Crab Cavity HOM Power / Calaga, Rama (CERN) ; Salvant, Benoit (CERN)
Due to large beam current in the LHC and the luminosity upgrade (HL-LHC) which will further double the current, higher order mode (HOM) power of the superconducting crab cavities can easily reach a few kilowatts in the worst case scenario of resonant excitation [...]
- 2013. - 8 p.
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Managing the Survey Activities during LS1 / Missiaen, Dominique (CERN) ; Bestmann, Patrick (CERN) ; Fuchs, Jean-Frederic (CERN) ; Gayde, Jean-Christophe (CERN) ; Herty, Andreas (CERN)
The survey and alignment section has realised a huge campaign of measurements and re-alignment of accelerators and detectors components for the LHC and injectors complex. [...]
- 2014. - 7 p.
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Status Report of Projects Activities at CERN / Missiaen, Dominique (CERN) ; Dewitte, Philippe (CERN) ; Dobers, Tobias (CERN) ; Fuchs, Jean-Frederic (CERN) ; Gayde, Jean-Christophe (CERN) ; Jones, Mark (CERN) ; Mainaud Durand, Helene (CERN)
Besides the Long Shut-Down 1 (LS1), some projects are still progressing at CERN. [...]
- 2014. - 6 p.
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Preparing the SPS Complex Alignment for Future LHC Runs / Bestmann, Patrick (CERN) ; Dewitte, Philippe (CERN)
The Super Proton Synchrotron is the last machine in the LHC injector chain. [...]
- 2014. - 7 p.
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HIE Isolde – General Presentation of MATHILDE / Kautzmann, Guillaume (CERN) ; Gayde, Jean-Christophe (CERN) ; Klumb, Francis (CERN) ; Kadi, Yacine (CERN) ; Bensinger, Jim (Brandeis Univ., Waltham, US) ; Hashemi, Kevan (Brandeis Univ., Waltham, US) ; Sulc, Miroslav (Technical Univ. of Liberec, Czech Rep)
In the frame of the HIE-ISOLDE project a superconducting Linac will upgrade the energy and intensity of the REX ISOLDE facility at CERN. [...]
- 2014. - 7 p.
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Measurement Report for the Four-Rod LHC Crab Cavity. Cold Tests held in July 2014 / Navarro Tapia, Maria (CERN) ; Burt, G (The Cockcroft Institute, Lancaster University, Daresbury, United Kingdom) ; Calaga, Rama (CERN) ; Hernandez Chahin, Karim Gibran (Universidad de Guanajuato (MX)) ; Junginger, Tobias (CERN) ; Macpherson, Alick (CERN) ; Torres-Sanchez, Roberto (CERN)
The performance of the four-rod cavity prototype considered for the HL-LHC upgrade has already been assessed at CERN at cryogenic temperatures three times in the last two years [1, 2, 3]. [...]
- 2015. - 15 p.
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Conceptual design of the orbit correctors for D2 and Q4 / Rysti, J (CERN) ; Todesco, E (CERN)
In the luminosity upgrade of the Large Hadron Collider, many dipole, quadrupole, and corrector magnets around the ATLAS and CMS detectors are replaced with larger aperture magnets. [...]
- 2015. - 17 p.
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Evaluation of the radiation field and shielding assessment of the experimental area of HIE-ISOLDE / Romanets, Y ; Bernardes, A P (CERN) ; Dorsival, A (CERN) ; Goncalves, I F ; Kadi, Y (CERN) ; Maria, S di ; Vaz, P ; Vlachoudis, V (CERN) ; Vollaire, J (CERN)
The ISOLDE facility at CERN is one of the first facilities in the world dedicated to the production of the radioactive ion beams (RIB) and during all its working time underwent several upgrades. The goal of the latest proposed upgrade, ‘The High Intensity and Energy ISOLDE’ (HIE-ISOLDE), is to provide a higher performance facility in order to approximate it to the level of the next generation ISOL facilities, like EURISOL. [...]
2014 - 5 p. - Published in : Radiat. Prot. Dosim. 161 (2014) 347-351
In : 12th International SYmposium on Neutron and Ion Dosimetry Symposium, Aix-en-provence, France, 3 - 7 Jun 2013, pp.347-351

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