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Collider baseline parameters: Milestone M1.5 / Schulte, Daniel (CERN)
The deliverable D1.1 provided a preliminary specification of the layout and target operation parameters for the FCC-hh hadron collider concept. It serves as the basis for the studies in all work packages. [...]
CERN-ACC-2016-0082.- Geneva : CERN, 2016 Fulltext: PDF;

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Monte Carlo simulations of ultra high vacuum and synchrotron radiation for particle accelerators / Ady, Marton
With preparation of Hi-Lumi LHC fully underway, and the FCC machines under study, accelerators will reach unprecedented energies and along with it very large amount of synchrotron radiation (SR) [...]
CERN-THESIS-2016-047 - 190 p.

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Overview of arc design options: Deliverable D2.1 / Chance, Antoine
This document describes the collider layouts to be taken into account for further detailed studies. The optimization of the arc cell lattice and the choice made on the dispersion suppressor are explained. [...]
CERN-ACC-2016-0061.- Geneva : CERN, 2016 Fulltext: PDF;

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Cryogenics for high-energy particle accelerators: highlights from the first fifty years / Lebrun, Philippe (CERN)
Applied superconductivity has become a key technology for high-energy particle accelerators, allowing to reach higher beam energy while containing size, capital expenditure and operating costs. [...]
- 2016. - 12 p.
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Preliminary arc optics and lattice files: Milestone M2.2 / Chance, Antoine (Saclay)
This document describes the organisation of the optics file repository, how it can be accessed and explains, how the configuration is managed..
CERN-ACC-2016-0032.- Geneva : CERN, 2016 Fulltext: PDF;

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Preliminary EIR optics and lattice files: Milestone M3.2 / Seryi, Andrei (Oxford U.)
This document describes the preliminary optics for the experimental insertion region, presented in the form of lattice files to provide a baseline for studying radiation effects, machine detector interface and beam-beam interactions as well as an optimised design for a smooth transit from injection to collision optics. The lattice files are kept in a repository together with the arc optics files..
CERN-ACC-2016-0031.- Geneva : CERN, 2016 Fulltext: PDF;

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Baseline specifications and assumptions for accelerator magnet: Milestone M5.2 / Tommasini, Davide (CERN)
Preliminary set of specifications for an accelerator main dipole magnet, suitable for performing a comparative evaluation of different design options established under the same basis.
CERN-ACC-2016-0030.- Geneva : CERN, 2016 Fulltext: PDF;

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High Gradient $Nb_3Sn$ Quadrupole Demonstrator MKQXF Engineering Design / Kokkinos, C (FEAC Engineering P.C.) ; Karppinen, Mikko (CERN)
A new mechanical design concept for the $Nb_3Sn$ quadrupoles has been developed with a goal of an accelerator quality magnet that can be industrially produced in large series. [...]
- 2016. - 46 p.
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Containment and resolution of hadronic showers at the FCC / Solans Sanchez, Carlos (CERN) ; Helsens, Clement (CERN) ; Carli, Tancredi (CERN) ; Henriques Correia, Ana Maria (CERN)
The particles produced at a potential Future Circular Collider with $\sqrt{s}$ = 100 TeV are of unprecented energies. In this document we present the hadronic shower containment and resolution parametrizations based on Geant4 simulations for the Hadronic calorimetry needed for conceptual detector design at this energy. [...]
CERN-ACC-2016-0018.- Geneva : CERN, 2016 Fulltext: PDF;

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Civil Engineering Optimisation Tool for the Study of CERN's Future Circular Colliders / Cook, Charlie (CERN) ; Goddard, Brennan (CERN) ; Lebrun, Philippe (CERN) ; Osborne, John (CERN) ; Robert, Youri (CERN) ; Sturzaker, C (Unlisted, UK) ; Sykes, M (Unlisted, UK) ; Loo, Y (Unlisted, UK) ; Brasser, J (Amberg Engin., Regensdorf-Watt) ; Trunk, R (Amberg Engin., Regensdorf-Watt)
The feasibility of Future Circular Colliders (FCC), possible successors to the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), is currently under investigation at CERN. This paper describes how CERN’s civil engineering team are utilising an interactive tool containing a 3D geological model of the Geneva basin. [...]
2015 - 3 p. - Published in : (2015) , pp. TUPTY033 Published version from JACoW: PDF; External link: JACOW
In : 6th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Richmond, VA, USA, 3 - 8 May 2015, pp.TUPTY033

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