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The Large Hadron Collider of CERN and the roadmap toward higher performance / Rossi, L (CERN)
The Large Hadron Collider is exploring the new frontier of particle physics. It is the largest and most ambitious scientific instrument ever built and 100 years after the Rutherford experiment it continues that tradition of “smashing atoms” to unveil the secret of the infinitely small. [...]
CERN-ACC-2014-0225.- Geneva : CERN, 2012 - 14 p. Fulltext: PDF;
In : Subnuclear Physics: Past, Present and Future, Vatican City, Vatican City State, 30 Oct - 2 Nov 2011, pp.528-541

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Beyond the Large Hadron Collider: a first look at cryogenics for CERN future circular colliders / Lebrun, Ph (CERN) ; Tavian, L (CERN)
Following the first experimental discoveries at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and the recent update of the European strategy in particle physics, CERN has undertaken an international study of possible future circular colliders beyond the LHC. [...]
- 2014. - 8 p.
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Arup develops BIM tool for design of a future particle accelerator at CERN / Gutleber, Johannes (CERN)
Press release on ARUP BIM/GIS tool
- 2014. - 1 p.
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Performance limitations of circular colliders: head-on collisions / Koratzinos, M (Geneva University, Switzerland)
We review the different performance limitations of circular colliders, namely the limitations of energy reach, maximum attainable luminosity and beam lifetime. [...]
- 2014. - 15 p.
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First Considerations on Beam Optics and Lattice Design for the Future Hadron-Hadron Collider FCC / Alemany Fernandez, R (CERN) ; Holzer, B (CERN)
The present document explains the steps carried out in order to make the first design of the Future Hadron-Hadron Collider (FCC-hh) following the base line parameters that can be found in [1]. [...]
- 2014. - 17 p.
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AWAKE: Advanced Proton Driven Plasma Wakefield Acceleration Experiment at CERN / Gschwendtner, E (CERN)
Plasma wakefield acceleration is a promising alternative reaching accelerating fields a magnitude of up to 3 higher (GV/m) when compared to conventional RF acceleration. [...]
- 2014. - 7 p.
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Considerations for a QD0 With Hybrid Technology in ILC / Michele, M (CERN) ; Aloev, A (CERN) ; Garcia, H (CERN) ; Gatignon, L (CERN) ; Tomas, R (CERN)
The baseline design of the QD0 magnet for ILC, the International Linear Collider, is a very compact superconducting quadrupole (coil-dominated magnet). [...]
- 2014. - 4 p.
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High Power Molten Targets for Radioactive Ion Beam Production: from Particle Physics to Medical Applications / De Melo Mendonca, T M (CERN)
Megawatt-class molten targets, combining high material densities and good heat transfer properties are being considered for neutron spallation sources, neutrino physics facilities and radioactive ion beam production. For this last category of facilities, in order to cope with the limitation of long diffusion times affecting the extraction of short-lived isotopes, a lead-bismuth eutectic (LBE) target loop equipped with a diffusion chamber has been proposed and tested offline during the EURISOL design study. [...]
CERN-ACC-2014-0183.- Geneva : CERN, 2014 - 4 p. Fulltext: PDF;
In : 5th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Dresden, Germany, 15 - 20 Jun 2014, pp.2143-2145

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The AWAKE Experimental Facility at CERN / Gschwendtner, E (CERN) ; Bohl, T (CERN) ; Bracco, C (CERN) ; Butterworth, A (CERN) ; Cipiccia, S (CERN) ; Doebert, S (CERN) ; Fedosseev, V (CERN) ; Feldbaumer, E (CERN) ; Hessler, C (CERN) ; Hofle, W (CERN) et al.
AWAKE, an Advanced Wakefield Experiment is launched at CERN to verify the proton driven plasma wakefield acceleration concept. Proton bunches at 400 GeV/c will be extracted from the CERN SPS and sent along a 750 m long proton line to a plasma cell, a Rubidium vapour source, where the proton beam drives wakefields reaching accelerating gradients of several gigavolts per meter. [...]
CERN-ACC-2014-0182.- Geneva : CERN, 2014 - 5 p. Fulltext: PDF;
In : 5th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Dresden, Germany, 15 - 20 Jun 2014, pp.582-585

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FCC-ee/CepC Beam-Beam Simulations with Beamstrahlung / Ohmi†, K (KEK, Tsukuba) ; Zimmermann, F (CERN)
Beamstrahlung, namely synchrotron radiation emitted during the beam-beam collision [1], can be an important effect for circular high-energy lepton colliders such as FCCee (TLEP) [2] and CepC [3]. [...]
- 2014. - 4 p.
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