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RD53 Conference Proceedings

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Results of FE65-P2 Pixel Readout Test Chip for High Luminosity LHC Upgrades / Garcia-Sciveres, Mauricio (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (US)) /RD53 Collaboration
A pixel readout test chip called FE65-P2 has been fabricated on 65 nm CMOS technology. FE65-P2 contains a matrix of 64 x 64 pixels on 50 micron by 50 micron pitch, designed to read out a bump bonded sensor. [...]
CERN-RD53-PROC-16-001.- Geneva : CERN, 2016 - 8. - Published in : PoS ICHEP2016 (2016) 272 Fulltext: PDF; ICHEP submission: PDF;
In : 38th International Conference on High Energy Physics, Chicago, IL, USA, 03 - 10 Aug 2016, pp.272

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