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RD53B Manual / Garcia-Sciveres, Maurice (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (US)) ; Loddo, Flavio (Universita e INFN, Bari (IT)) /RD53 Collaboration
Detalied description ifthe RD53B design applicable to both ATLAS and CMS submissions. Also GDS files of top metal of submitted chips
CERN-RD53-PUB-19-002.- Geneva : CERN, 2019 - 100. - Published in : Manual_pdf_from_gitlab RD53B_ATLAS_top_metal_V5: ZIP; RD53B_CMS_top_metal_V1: ZIP;

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RD53B Design Requirements / Garcia-Sciveres, Maurice (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (US)) /RD53 Collaboration
Common requirements for the ATLAS and CMS HL-LHC pixel readout chips. A common design framework called RD53B will be used to generate the production chip layouts for both experiments, with minor customization affecting primarily the chip size, which will be different for ATLAS and CMS, but is simply a parameter in the RD53B framework [...]
CERN-RD53-PUB-19-001.- Geneva : CERN, 2019 - 16. - Published in : RD53B_Requirements_V3_1: PDF;

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Production chip combined requirements for ATLAS and CMS / Garcia-Sciveres, Maurice (University of California Berkeley (US)) /RD53 Collaboration
Draft for comment by the CMS collaboration
CERN-RD53-PUB-18-002.- Geneva : CERN, 2018 for review by experiments: PDF;

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Production chip combined requirements for ATLAS and CMS / Garcia-Sciveres, Maurice (University of California Berkeley (US)) /RD53 Collaboration
Requirements draft for comment by ATLAS Collaboration
CERN-RD53-PUB-18-001.- Geneva : CERN, 2018 - 20. (for review by experiments): PDF;

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The RD53A Integrated Circuit / Garcia-Sciveres, Maurice (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (US)) /RD53 Collaboration
Implementation details for the RD53A pixel readout integrated circuit designed by the RD53 Collaboration. This is a companion to the specifications document and will eventually become a reference for chip users. [...]
CERN-RD53-PUB-17-001.- Geneva : CERN, 2017 - 73. RD53A_Manual_V3-51: PDF;

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RD53A Integrated Circuit Specifications / Garcia-Sciveres, Mauricio (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (US)) /RD53 Collaboration
Specifications for the RD53 collaboration’s first engineering wafer run of an integrated circuit (IC) for hybrid pixel detector readout, called RD53A. RD53A is intended to demonstrate in a large format IC the suitability of the technology (including radiation tolerance), the stable low threshold operation, and the high hit and trigger rate capabilities, required for HL-LHC upgrades of ATLAS and CMS. [...]
CERN-RD53-PUB-15-001.- Geneva : CERN, 2015 - 18. GDS file: GDS; RD53A chip specifications: PDF; Surface features: PDF; read me : TXT;

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The RD53 Collaboration's SystemVerilog-UVM Simulation Framework and its General Applicability to Design of Advanced Pixel Readout Chips / Marconi, S. (CERN ; INFN, Perugia ; Perugia U.) ; Conti, E. (Perugia U. ; INFN, Padua) ; Placidi, P. (Perugia U. ; INFN, Perugia) ; Christiansen, J. (CERN) ; Hemperek, T. (Bonn U.)
The foreseen Phase 2 pixel upgrades at the LHC have very challenging requirements for the design of hybrid pixel readout chips. A versatile pixel simulation platform is as an essential development tool for the design, verification and optimization of both the system architecture and the pixel chip building blocks (Intellectual Properties, IPs). [...]
CERN-RD53-PUB-14-001; arXiv:1408.3232.- Geneva : CERN, 2014 - 15 p. - Published in : JINST 9 (2014) P10005 Fulltext: arXiv:1408.3232 - PDF; AIDA-PUB-2014-019 - PDF; IOP Open Access article: PDF; External link: Preprint

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