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Stellar Signatures of Inhomogeneous Big Bang Nucleosynthesis / Arbey, Alexandre (IP2I, Lyon ; CERN ; IUF, Paris) ; Auffinger, Jérémy (IP2I, Lyon) ; Silk, Joseph (Paris, Inst. Astrophys. ; Johns Hopkins U. ; Oxford U.)
We evaluate abundance anomalies generated in patches of the universe where the baryon-to-photon ratio was locally enhanced by possibly many orders of magnitude in the range $\eta = 10^{-10} - 10^{-1}$. Our study is motivated by the possible survival of rare dense regions in the early universe, the most extreme of which, above a critical threshold, collapsed to form primordial black holes. [...]
arXiv:2006.02446; CERN-TH-2020-067.- 2020-07-01 - 9 p. - Published in : Phys. Rev. D 102 (2020) 023503 Fulltext: PDF; Fulltext from Publisher: PDF;

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The Fully-Differential Gluon Beam Function at NNLO / Gaunt, Jonathan R. (CERN) ; Stahlhofen, Maximilian (Freiburg U.)
The fully-differential beam function (dBF) is a universal ingredient in resummed predictions of hadron collider observables that probe the full kinematics of the incoming parton from each colliding proton -- the virtuality and transverse momentum as well as the light-cone momentum fraction $x$. In this paper we compute the matching coefficients between the unpolarized gluon dBF and the usual parton distribution functions (PDFs) at the two-loop order. [...]
arXiv:2004.11915; CERN-TH-2020-065; FR-PHENO-2020-003.- 2020-07-30 - 21 p. - Published in : JHEP 2007 (2020) 234 Article from SCOAP3: PDF; Fulltext: PDF;

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New result on phase shift analysis / Martin, André (CERN) ; Richard, Jean-Marc (IP2I, Lyon)
Assuming a certain continuity property, we prove, using the old results of Itzykson and Martin, that, except for an obvious ambiguity, there are only at most two amplitudes reproducing an elastic differential cross section at a given energy..
arXiv:2004.11156; CERN-TH-2020-066.- 2020-05-15 - 6 p. - Published in : Phys. Rev. D 101 (2020) 094014 Fulltext: PDF; Fulltext from Publisher: PDF; Fulltext from publisher: PDF;

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Prospects of searches for long-lived charged particles with MoEDAL / Acharya, B.S. (King's Coll. London (main) ; ICTP, Trieste) ; De Roeck, A. (CERN ; Antwerp U.) ; Ellis, J. (King's Coll. London ; CERN ; NICPB, Tallinn) ; Ghosh, D.K. (IACS, Kolkata) ; Masełek, R. (Warsaw U.) ; Panizzo, G. (ICTP, Trieste ; INFN, Trieste) ; Pinfold, J.L. (Alberta U.) ; Sakurai, K. (Warsaw U.) ; Shaa, A. (Warsaw U.) ; Wall, A. (Alabama U.)
We study the prospects of searches for exotic long-lived particles with the MoEDAL detector at the LHC, assuming the integrated luminosity of 30 fb$^{-1}$ that is expected at the end of Run 3. MoEDAL incorporates nuclear track detectors deployed a few metres away from the interaction point, which are sensitive to any highly-ionizing particles. [...]
arXiv:2004.11305; KCL-PH-TH/2020-18; CERN-TH-2020-060.- 2020-06-25 - 20 p. - Published in : Eur. Phys. J. C 80 (2020) 572 Article from SCOAP3: PDF; Fulltext: PDF; Fulltext from Publisher: PDF; Fulltext from publisher: PDF;

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Probes of Gravitational Waves with Atom Interferometers / Ellis, John (King's Coll. London ; CERN ; NICPB, Tallinn) ; Vaskonen, Ville (King's Coll. London ; NICPB, Tallinn)
Atom interferometers (AIs) on earth and in space offer good capabilities for measuring gravitational waves (GWs) in the mid-frequency deciHz band, complementing the sensitivities of the LIGO/Virgo and LISA experiments and enabling probes of possible modifications of the general relativity predictions for GW propagation. We illustrate these capabilities using the projected sensitivities of the AION (terrestrial) and AEDGE (space-based) AI projects, showing that AION could improve the present LIGO/Virgo direct limit on the graviton mass by a factor $\sim 40$ to $\simeq 10^{-24}\,$eV, and AEDGE could improve the limit by another order of magnitude. [...]
arXiv:2003.13480; KCL-PH-TH/2020-15; CERN-TH-2020-048.- 2020-06-10 - 9 p. - Published in : Phys. Rev. D 101 (2020) 124013 Fulltext: PDF; Fulltext from Publisher: PDF;

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Constraints on Standard Model Constructions in F-theory / Cvetic, Mirjam (Pennsylvania U. ; Maribor U.) ; Halverson, James (Northeastern U.) ; Lin, Ling (CERN) ; Long, Cody (Northeastern U. ; Cornell U., Phys. Dept.)
We argue that the following three statements cannot all be true: (i) our vacuum is a type IIB / F-theory vacuum at moderate-to-large $h^{1,1}$, (ii) the $\alpha'$-expansion is controlled via the supergravity approximation, à la the KKLT and LVS scenarios, and (iii) there are no additional gauged sectors from seven-branes. Since nearly all known globally consistent F-theory models with the exact chiral spectrum of the Standard Model and gauge coupling unification occur at moderate $h^{1,1}$, this finding calls for new moduli stabilization scenarios or/and a rich seven-brane dark sector..
arXiv:2004.00630; CERN-TH-2020-049; UPR-1304-T; UPR-1304-T.- Geneva : CERN, 2020-07-10 - 10 p. - Published in : Phys. Rev. D 102 (2020) 026012 Article from SCOAP3: PDF; Fulltext: PDF;

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Generalizing the relativistic quantization condition to include all three-pion isospin channels / Hansen, Maxwell T. (CERN) ; Romero-López, Fernando (Valencia U., IFIC) ; Sharpe, Stephen R. (U. Washington, Seattle (main))
We present a generalization of the relativistic, finite-volume, three-particle quantization condition for non-identical pions in isosymmetric QCD. The resulting formalism allows one to use discrete finite-volume energies, determined using lattice QCD, to constrain scattering amplitudes for all possible values of two- and three-pion isospin. [...]
arXiv:2003.10974; CERN-TH-2020-045.- 2020-07-08 - 49 p. - Published in : JHEP 2020 (2020) 047 Article from SCOAP3: PDF; Fulltext: PDF;

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Bottom quark mass effects in associated $WH$ production with $H \to b\bar{b}$ decay through NNLO QCD / Behring, Arnd (KIT, Karlsruhe) ; Bizoń, Wojciech (Karlsruhe U., ITP ; KIT, Karlsruhe) ; Caola, Fabrizio (Oxford U., Theor. Phys.) ; Melnikov, Kirill (Karlsruhe U., ITP) ; Röntsch, Raoul (CERN)
We present a computation of NNLO QCD corrections to the production of a Higgs boson in association with a $W$ boson at the LHC followed by the decay of the Higgs boson to a $b\bar{b}$ pair. At variance with previous NNLO QCD studies of the same process, we treat $b$ quarks as massive. [...]
arXiv:2003.08321; TTP20-011; P3H-20-009; CERN-TH-2020-043.- 2020-06-17 - 16 p. - Published in : Phys. Rev. D 101 (2020) 114012 Article from SCOAP3: PDF; Fulltext: PDF; Fulltext from Publisher: PDF;

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Gravitational waves from first-order cosmological phase transitions: lifetime of the sound wave source / Ellis, John (King's Coll. London ; CERN ; NICPB, Tallinn) ; Lewicki, Marek (King's Coll. London ; Warsaw U. (main)) ; No, José Miguel (U. Autonoma, Madrid (main) ; Madrid, IFT)
We survey systematically the general parametrisations of particle-physics models for a first-order phase transition in the early universe, including models with polynomial potentials both with and without barriers at zero temperature, and Coleman-Weinberg-like models with potentials that are classically scale-invariant. We distinguish three possibilities for the transition - detonations, deflagrations and hybrids - and consider sound waves and turbulent mechanisms for generating gravitational waves during the transitions in these models, checking in each case the requirement for successful percolation. [...]
arXiv:2003.07360; KCL-PH-TH/2020-04; CERN-TH-2020-016; IFT-UAM/CSIC-20-35.- 2020-07-23 - 33 p. - Published in : JCAP 2007 (2020) 050 Fulltext: PDF;

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Singlet night in Feynman-ville: one-loop matching of a real scalar / Haisch, Ulrich (Munich, Max Planck Inst.) ; Ruhdorfer, Maximilian (Munich, Tech. U.) ; Salvioni, Ennio (CERN) ; Venturini, Elena (Munich, Tech. U.) ; Weiler, Andreas (Munich, Tech. U.)
A complete one-loop matching calculation for real singlet scalar extensions of the Standard Model to the Standard Model effective field theory (SMEFT) of dimension-six operators is presented. We compare our analytic results obtained by using Feynman diagrams to the expressions derived in the literature by a combination of the universal one-loop effective action (UOLEA) approach and Feynman calculus. [...]
arXiv:2003.05936; CERN-TH-2020-038; TUM-HEP-1254-20.- 2020-04-24 - 20 p. - Published in : JHEP 2004 (2020) 164 Article from SCOAP3: PDF; Fulltext: PDF;

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