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Gravity and axions from a random UV QFT / Kiritsis, Elias (CERN ; APC, Paris ; Crete U.)
It is postulated that the UV QFT is enormous and random. The coupling of the Standard Model to such QFT is analyzed. [...]
arXiv:1408.3541; CCTP-2014-14; CERN-PH-TH-2014-153.- 2014 - 39 p. - Published in : EPJ Web Conf. 71 (2014) 00068 Fulltext: PDF; External link: Preprint

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Interplay between hydrodynamics and jets / Zapp, Korinna C (CERN) ; Floerchinger, Stefan (CERN)
By combining the jet quenching Monte Carlo JEWEL with a realistic hydrodynamic model for the background we investigate the sensitivity of jet observables to details of the medium model and quantify the influence of the energy and momentum lost by jets on the background evolution. On the level of event averaged source terms the effects are small and are caused mainly by the momentum transfer..
arXiv:1408.0903; CERN-PH-TH-2014-146; MCNET-14-16.- 2014 - Published in : Nucl. Phys. A XX (2014) XX Fulltext: PDF; External link: Preprint
In : 24th International Conference on Ultrarelativistic Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions, Darmstadt, Germany, 19 - 24 May 2014

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String Resonances at Hadron Colliders / Anchordoqui, Luis A (Lehman Coll.) ; Antoniadis, Ignatios (CERN) ; Dai, De-Chang (Shanghai Jiaotong U. ; Shanghai Jiaotong U., INPAC) ; Feng, Wan-Zhe (Munich, Max Planck Inst.) ; Goldberg, Haim (Northeastern U.) ; Huang, Xing (Taiwan, Natl. Normal U.) ; Lust, Dieter (Munich, Max Planck Inst. ; Munich U., ASC) ; Stojkovic, Dejan (SUNY, Buffalo ; Perimeter Inst. Theor. Phys.) ; Taylor, Tomasz R (Northeastern U.)
[Abridged] We consider extensions of the standard model based on open strings ending on D-branes. Assuming that the fundamental string mass scale M_s is in the TeV range and that the theory is weakly coupled, we discuss possible signals of string physics at the upcoming HL-LHC run (3000 fb^{-1}) with \sqrt{s} = 14 TeV, and at potential future pp colliders, HE-LHC and VLHC, operating at \sqrt{s} = 33 and 100 TeV, respectively. [...]
arXiv:1407.8120; MPP--2014--314; LMU-ASC 48-14; CERN-PH-TH-2014-143.- 2014 - 74 p. - Published in : Phys. Rev. D 90 (2014) 066013 Fulltext: PDF; External link: Preprint

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Higgs Mass and Unnatural Supersymmetry / Bagnaschi, Emanuele (Paris, LPTHE) ; Giudice, Gian F (CERN) ; Slavich, Pietro (Paris, LPTHE) ; Strumia, Alessandro (Pisa U. ; INFN, Pisa ; NICPB, Tallinn)
Assuming that supersymmetry exists well above the weak scale, we derive the full one-loop matching conditions between the SM and the supersymmetric theory, allowing for the possibility of an intermediate Split-SUSY scale. We also compute two-loop QCD corrections to the matching condition of the Higgs quartic coupling. [...]
arXiv:1407.4081; CERN-PH-TH-2014-131; IFUP-TH-2014.- 2014 - 36 p. - Published in : J. High Energy Phys. 09 (2014) 092 Fulltext: PDF; External link: Preprint

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Holographic Metals and Insulators with Helical Symmetry / Donos, Aristomenis (Cambridge U., DAMTP) ; Goutéraux, Blaise (Nordita ; Royal Inst. Tech., Stockholm ; Stockholm U.) ; Kiritsis, Elias (CERN ; APC, Paris ; IRFU, Saclay ; Diderot U., Paris ; Crete U.)
Homogeneous, zero temperature scaling solutions with Bianchi VII spatial geometry are constructed in Einstein-Maxwell-Dilaton theory. They correspond to quantum critical saddle points with helical symmetry at finite density. [...]
arXiv:1406.6351; CCTP-2014-6; CCQCN-2014-26; CERN-PH-TH-2014-035; NORDITA-2014-76.- 2014 - 28 p. - Published in : J. High Energy Phys. 09 (2014) 038 Fulltext: PDF; External link: Preprint

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Extended Mean Field study of complex $\phi^4$-theory at finite density and temperature / Akerlund, Oscar (Zurich, ETH) ; de Forcrand, Philippe (Zurich, ETH ; CERN) ; Georges, Antoine (Ecole Polytechnique, CPHT ; College de France ; U. Geneva (main)) ; Werner, Philipp (Fribourg U.)
We review the Extended Mean Field Theory (EMFT) approximation and apply it to complex, scalar $\phi^4$-theory on the lattice. We study the critical properties of the Bose condensation driven by a nonzero chemical potential $\mu$ at both zero and nonzero temperature and determine the $(T,\mu)$ phase diagram. [...]
arXiv:1405.6613; CERN-PH-TH-2014-091.- 2014 - 10 p. - Published in : Phys. Rev. D 90 (2014) 065008 Fulltext: PDF; External link: Preprint

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N=2 Heterotic-Type II duality and bundle moduli / Alexandrov, Sergei (Montpellier U. ; CNRS, France) ; Louis, Jan (U. Hamburg, Dept. Phys. ; Hamburg U., Dept. Math.) ; Pioline, Boris (CERN ; Paris, LPTHE) ; Valandro, Roberto (ICTP, Trieste ; INFN, Trieste)
Heterotic string compactifications on a $K3$ surface $\mathfrak{S}$ depend on a choice of hyperk\"ahler metric, anti-self-dual gauge connection and Kalb-Ramond flux, parametrized by hypermultiplet scalars. The metric on hypermultiplet moduli space is in principle computable within the $(0,2)$ superconformal field theory on the heterotic string worldsheet, although little is known about it in practice. [...]
arXiv:1405.4792; CERN-PH-TH-2014-084; L2C:14-036; ZMP-HH-14-11.- 2014 - 20 p. - Published in : J. High Energy Phys. 08 (2014) 092 External link: Preprint

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Statistics of initial density perturbations in heavy ion collisions and their fluid dynamic response / Floerchinger, Stefan (CERN) ; Wiedemann, Urs Achim (CERN)
An interesting opportunity to determine thermodynamic and transport properties in more detail is to identify generic statistical properties of initial density perturbations. Here we study event-by-event fluctuations in terms of correlation functions for two models that can be solved analytically. [...]
arXiv:1405.4393; CERN-PH-TH-2014-092.- 2014 - 35 p. - Published in : J. High Energy Phys. 08 (2014) 005 External link: Preprint

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A No-Scale Inflationary Model to Fit Them All / Ellis, John (King's Coll. London ; CERN) ; Garcia, Marcos (Minnesota U., Theor. Phys. Inst.) ; Nanopoulos, Dimitri (Texas A-M ; HARC, Woodlands ; Athens Academy) ; Olive, Keith (Minnesota U., Theor. Phys. Inst.)
The magnitude of B-mode polarization in the cosmic microwave background as measured by BICEP2 favours models of chaotic inflation with a quadratic $m^2 \phi^2/2$ potential, whereas data from the Planck satellite favour a small value of the tensor-to-scalar perturbation ratio $r$ that is highly consistent with the Starobinsky $R + R^2$ model. Reality may lie somewhere between these two scenarios. [...]
arXiv:1405.0271; KCL-PH-TH-2014-18; LCTS-2014-18; ACT-5-14; UMN-TH-3335-14; FTPI-MINN-14-12; CERN-PH-TH-2014-076.- Geneva : CERN, 2014 - 25 p. - Published in : J. Cosmol. Astropart. Phys. 08 (2014) 044 IOP Open Access article: PDF; External link: Fulltext

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Probing nuclear rates with Planck and BICEP2 / Di Valentino, Eleonora (Rome U. ; INFN, Rome) ; Gustavino, Carlo (INFN, Rome) ; Lesgourgues, Julien (IPT, Lausanne ; CERN ; Annecy, LAPTH) ; Mangano, Gianpiero (INFN, Naples) ; Melchiorri, Alessandro (Rome U. ; INFN, Rome) ; Miele, Gennaro (Naples U. ; INFN, Naples) ; Pisanti, Ofelia (Naples U. ; INFN, Naples)
Big Bang Nucleosynthesis (BBN) relates key cosmological parameters to the primordial abundance of light elements. In this paper, we point out that the recent observations of Cosmic Microwave Background anisotropies by the Planck satellite and by the BICEP2 experiment constrain these parameters with such a high level of accuracy that the primordial deuterium abundance can be inferred with remarkable precision. [...]
arXiv:1404.7848; CERN-PH-TH-2014-071; LAPTH-027-14.- 2014 - 10 p. - Published in : Phys. Rev. D 90 (2014) 023543 External link: Preprint

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