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How to find any value in any field:
Empty search box returns all records in the database.
How to find documents in a particular collection:

Avgränsad sökning:

Click on a link below the search box to see and select subcollections such as Preprints or Theses, or select/deselect the tick boxes next to a particular collection before doing the search.

Avgränsad sökning:

If you want documents from a 'collection' not proposed by default, such as NA60 documents, then enter it as a search term.
more on how to wisely choose your search terms...
How to search for words/phrases (within titles, abstracts, etc):
Return records containing words higgs and boson.
Return records containing phrase 'higgs boson' in title.
Return records entitled exactly "Higgs boson" but not records such as "Overview of Higgs boson production".
(Note: For some indexes such as any field, title, or abstract, there is no distinction between searching for double quoted and single quoted expressions. Both behave the same usual way.)
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How to use truncation:
Return records containing words muon, muons, muonic, etc.
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How to use boolean operators:
Return records containing both muon and kaon.
Return records containing either muon or kaon.
Return records containing muon but not kaon.
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How to use parentheses:
Return records containing either gravity or supergravity, and ellis or perelstein. Nested parentheses are supported.
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How to find documents from a certain period:
Type 2003 and select the år field.
Alternatively, type 'år:' followed by value.
You can enter specific year range.
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How to search inside citation network:
Return papers that are cited between 3 and 30 times.
Return all papers that cite any of the papers written by ellis. Useful for citation alerts.
Return all papers that are cited by any of the papers written by ellis.
more on refersto/citedby operators...
How to search for authors:
Some authors have unique names and their publications can be retrieved by searching for the surname in the samtliga fält field.
For better results, type surname comma initial(s) and select the författare field.
Sometimes authors are indexed with their full name.
Find papers by J.Ellis written from 1990 until 1993, using truncation to match all first names beginning with J.
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More information:
Special characters, regular expressions, fulltext searching, citation searching, and other capabilities are fully explained in the complete Search Guide.