Science and Society - Problems, issues and dilemmas in science education

Next in CERN's series of Science and Society speakers is Jonathan Osborne, Senior Lecturer in Science Education at King's College London. On Thursday 26 April, Dr Osborne will speak in the CERN main auditorium about current issues in science education in the light of an ever more science-based society.

Jonathan Osborne, Senior Lecturer in Science Education at King's College London.

Does science deserve a place at the curriculum high table of each student or is it just a gateway to a set of limited career options in science and technology? This question leads us to an important change in our ideas of what science education has been so far and what it must be. Basic knowledge of science and technology has traditionally been considered as just a starting point for those who wanted to build up a career in scientific research. But nowadays, the processes of science, the analysis of risks and benefits, and a knowledge of the social practices of science are necessary for every citizen. This new way of looking at science is already shared by many scientists and educatores, as well as by politicians and economists.
In Dr Osborne's Science and Society colloquium he will emphasise the development of an appreciation of science as a cultural activity rather than an expansive knowledge of its content. Osborne believes that 'the aim of each science educator should be to develop the capacity of students to engage with science in a positive and enthusiastic manner'. In this process an important role is played by scientists, such as those at CERN, who should communicate the incredible achievements they have made, the importance of science in our culture and the value of an understanding of science as a general qualification. These issues, with examples of possible practical methods and their implications will be discussed and explored in this colloquium.

Dr Osborne's colloquium will take place on Thursday 26 April at 16.30 in the Main Auditorium. Tea and coffee will be served at 16.00.