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Communicating on the same wavelength

With a view to boosting efficiency and improving coordination, all the teams responsible for communication at CERN have been brought together to form the new Education and Communication Group. >>

Breathe the air!

Feeling a bit cooped up in your office? Want to share your interest in science and technology with others but your computer's heard it all before and your colleagues won't even listen anymore? Then here's the answer - come and get some fresh air with the Education and Communication Group. >>

New Arrivals

On 4 February 2003, members of the CERN Management welcomed recently-recruited staff members and fellows at the trimester session of the Induction Programme (photographed above with C. Détraz, Director for Research). >>

Training and Development

CERN Technical Training 2003: Learning for the LHC!  
English Training  
Places available **  

General Information

DECES - French version only  
THE CARE PROJECT - Coordinated Accelerator Research in Europe  

Staff Association

Compte rendu du Conseil du personnel du 30 janvier 2003 - French version only  



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