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"The Rainbow Seed Fund is a UK fund, which provides finance to support the commercialization of good ideas founded on scientific research; it is for the benefit of the UK industry in particular. To encourage ideas from CERN the Rainbow Seed Fund is running a business ideas competition.
The winner of this competition will receive an immediate cash prize of GBP £1,000. In addition the Rainbow Seed Fund may well provide finance for market research, for protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and for prototyping to take the idea forward. Further awards of GBP £750 will be made for ideas which gain investment from the Fund.
Candidates will only be required to prepare a 2-4-page summary of their business idea, and not a full business plan. Full details and an entry form are available at"
ALL Members of the Personnel seeking participation in the business ideas competition are asked to submit their ideas via the CERN TT Unit (Jean-Marie.Le that will help to arrange a meeting with Nathan Hill (UK TTO) and Terry Swainbank from the Rainbow Seed Fund for discussions on 3rd July at CERN. This will be followed by the third in a series of Technology Commercialization Seminars ' Developing a spinout company from CERN ' given by Nathan Hill on invitation of ETT Division.
The final date for entries to the competition is 31 July 2003. The winning entries will be announced in September.
Following CERN's Staff Rules and Regulations applications by CERN personnel have to respect CERN rules and procedures*. In particular, an engagement by a Member of CERN Personnel beyond the business idea competition will require prior authorization by CERN management, which reserves its right to judge if activities required to implement the business idea are compatible with the commitments of the staff member in CERN.

H.F. Hoffmann, Director for Technology Transfer and Scientific Computing / 72849

* According to the CERN Staff Rules and Regulations, all IPR, which in the opinion of the Director-General results from, or which is substantially based on a Member of the Personnel's activities at CERN, are automatically vested in the Organization. The responsibility for the commercialization of such IPR lies with the Technology Transfer (TT) Group of the ETT Division.