Salary adjustments and other changes to the Staff Rules & Regulations

In accordance with decisions taken by the Finance Committee and Council in December 2005, salaries are adjusted with effect from 1 January 2006. Information on these decisions and other important changes relating to the Staff Rules and Regulations are summarised below:

  1. Scale of basic salaries and scale of stipends paid to fellows (Annex R A 1 and R A 2 respectively): increased by 1.2% with effect from 1 January 2006.

  2. Elements increased by 1.2%, following the movement of the Geneva consumer price index :

    a) Family Allowance and Child Allowance (Annex R A 4), with effect from 1 January 2006.

    b) Reimbursement of education fees: maximum amounts of reimbursement (Article R A 8.01) for the academic year 2005/2006 i.e. with effect from 1 September 2005.

  3. Related adjustments will be implemented wherever applicable to Paid Associates and Students.

  4. Contributions to the Pension Fund: Contributions of the Organization and active members increased by a total of 0.63% of basic salary from 1 January 2006, shared as follows

    - an increase in the Organizations's contribution to the Pension Fund of 0.42%;

    - an increase in the staff contribution (Staff Members and Fellows) of 0.21%.

As in the past, variations occur in the actual percentage increases quoted, in particular due to the constant increment values and rounding effects applied to successive adjustments over the years. The amended texts of the Staff Regulations will be available shortly at Departmental Secretariats or for consultation on the Web at :

Human Resources Department
Tel. 74128

by HR Department