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LHC passes the 1000th magnet mark  
A word from the DG - Major progress for the LHC  
Le CERN à la Fête de la science - French version only  
This autumn at the Globe  
Discovery Mondays: 'The Grid: a universal computer'  
Plastic is fantastic!  
John Strong - 1941-2006  
Ed Watson - 1940-2006  
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Annual General Meeting of the Pension Fund  

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Academic Training: Practical Statistics for Particle Physicists  
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CERN Technical Training 2006: Software and System Technologies Curriculum - Scheduled Course Sessions (October-December 2006)  
CERN Technical Training 2006 - WBTechT offers online training  

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Safety in the headlines again  



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  • This blue “beam” is one of the fibers that will make up the new scintillating tracker of the LHCb experiment. The f… 25 May 2020, 14:54
  • RT @CERNCourier: The ALPHA collaboration at CERN has reported the first measurements of fine-structure effects and the Lamb shift in #antih 25 May 2020, 11:30
  • Protons may be in the spotlight at CERN, but neutrons shall not be forgotten. By studying their properties, the… 25 May 2020, 08:12