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Café des Sciences - French version only

Une langue sur le bout de la langue. L'apprentissage d'une langue ne s'arrête pas à des pages de vocabulaire, des règles de grammaire et des exercices de prononciation. >>

Evening Conference - French version only

Showing of documentaries about volcanos.... >>

Elections to Staff Council

The Staff Association will shortly be renewing the mandate of half of the Staff Council. This is an opportunity for you to become more directly involved in the Staff Association's work and help promote and defend the staff's interests and, more broadly, those of the Organization itself. >>

Other activities - French version only

GAC. Special offers : Théâtre de Carouge. Interfon... >>

Club news, Cultural activities

Yoga ; Concert ; Running ; OYE Film Making Club ; Cricket ; Dancing ; Cine-Club ; Subaquatique. Exhibition and showing of documentaries about volcanos. >>

Safety in the headlines again

From the moment the current Management took up office, the Staff Association expressed its concerns about a certain number of Safety issues at CERN. >>

News Articles

LHC passes the 1000th magnet mark  
A word from the DG - Major progress for the LHC  
Le CERN à la Fête de la science - French version only  
This autumn at the Globe  
Discovery Mondays: 'The Grid: a universal computer'  
Plastic is fantastic!  
John Strong - 1941-2006  
Ed Watson - 1940-2006  
New arrivals  

Official News

Annual General Meeting of the Pension Fund  

Training and Development

Academic Training: Practical Statistics for Particle Physicists  
Language courses  
Technical Training: Places available and full programme  
CERN Technical Training 2006: Software and System Technologies Curriculum - Scheduled Course Sessions (October-December 2006)  
CERN Technical Training 2006 - WBTechT offers online training  

General Information

Banner Pages on the New Printing Infrastructure  
Book fair  



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