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The LHC 
straddles the Atlantic

The Fermilab Remote Operations Center for the LHC (LHC@FNAL Remote Operations Center) was officially inaugurated on 22 October. >>

A word from the DG: A shared adventure

Fermilab has just inaugurated its Remote Operations Center, a focal point for Fermilab’s participation in the LHC. >>

OPERA goes on camera

OPERA, the experiment which uses the neutrino beam of CERN’s CNGS facility, has delivered its first neutrino "photos". The core of the detector has been commissioned and has produced images of events resulting from neutrino collisions. >>

ATLAS helps shed light on the retina

Technology developed for high-energy physics has led to the discovery of a retinal cell that eluded biologists for 40 years. >>

Short-film Festival at the Globe

Get out your diaries and prepare to be star-struck as the Globe of Science and Innovation meets the silver screen! The CERN "Open Your Eyes Films" film-making club is organising a festival of short films entitled CinéGlobe from Thursday 8 to Saturday 10 November. >>

Dutch ministerial visit

Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science R. Plasterk (third from left) in the ATLAS cavern with NIKHEF Director F. >>

The Globe: Exhibitions and Events

The LHC, accelerator of scienceCERN is soon to commission the world’s most powerful accelerator, the LHC (Large Hadron Collider), which will provide us with new insights into the Universe and how it evolved. >>

ALICE rewards one of its suppliers

On 6 October 2007 the ALICE Collaboration Board awarded one of its prestigious Industrial Awards to Hewlett-Packard for its instrumental role in enabling ALICE physicists to collect and process experimental data on the Grid. >>

Lecture by the winner of the 2007 Nobel Prize for physics

Professor Albert Fert, who has just been awarded the Nobel Prize for physics for his work on giant magneto-resistance and spintronics, will give a lecture at the University of Geneva on 16 November on this booming field of science. >>

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