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News from the CERN Council

The CERN Council has appointed Rolf-Dieter Heuer as CERN’s next Director-General as of January 2009. CERN’s current Director-General, Robert Aymar, reported on LHC progress. >>

Rolf-Dieter Heuer, CERN’s next Director General

Currently Research Director for particle and astroparticle physics at Germany’s DESY laboratory in Hamburg, Professor Heuer will serve a five-year term, taking office on 1 January 2009. >>

A word from the DG: A decisive year

This has been a particularly eventful Council week. Not only has Council selected CERN’s next Director-General, but we have also had the first meeting of the European Strategy Session of Council, and I have had the opportunity to report a good year of progress towards physics at the LHC in 2008. >>

Two ATLAS suppliers honoured

The ATLAS experiment has recognised the outstanding contribution of two firms to the pixel detector. >>

A tribute to friends

CERN commemorates the lives of those who passed away in the Isparta plane crash on 30th November. >>

A better beam for ISOLDE

ISCOOL, the RFQ Cooler and Buncher, recently installed at ISOLDE, heralds a new generation of beam quality. >>

Sound of mind and fleet of foot!

A fine victory for the CERN team, which took first place in the 2007 Course de l’Escalade. >>

CERN, as seen by Google Earth

Nothing escapes the eagle eye of Google Earth! The famous website renowned for its roving eye that pierces the darkest corners of our planet and the Cosmos now offers a guided tour of CERN, including the LHC. >>

Trams and roadworks on the route de Meyrin

The project to bring trams to CERN’s doorstep will require a lot of roadworks on the route de Meyrin, so traffic diversions and restrictions are to be expected. >>

Lecture programme The reality of science today

What are the new challenges and realities facing scientific research? What is its place in society today? To answer these questions, the History and Philosophy of Sciences Unit of Geneva University, in... >>

Official News

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Training and Development

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General Information

Reduced heating level during the end-of-year closure  
No access to LHC from 7 to 13 January 2008  
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