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Open Days – The final countdown

In only a few days CERN will open its doors to everyone! Thousands of volunteers are working very hard so that your visit will be both mind-boggling and fun. Where is the coldest place in the Universe? How can you move 30 tonne magnets with sub-millimetre precision? Why do you need huge detectors to look at the infinitely small? There’s only one way to find the answers: Come to CERN! >>

A word from the DG: The home straight

On 14 July 1989, the first beam was injected into CERN’s new flagship particle accelerator, LEP, with first collisions coming one month later. >>

Swedish Government Minister at CERN

The Swedish Minister for Higher Education and Research recently visited CERN. >>

Giving start-ups a helping hand

The French-Swiss foundation for research and technology (FFSRT) joined forces with CERN to organise an information day on setting up new businesses, at the Globe of Science and Innovation. >>

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