Star spotting at CERN

This June, two American celebrities (and physics enthusiasts!) came to CERN.

Brian Cox gave Mike Einziger (right), lead guitarist with the rock band Incubus, the star treatment in the ATLAS cavern.

Mike Einziger, lead guitarist with the rock band Incubus, visited CERN on Friday 13 June between concerts in Finland and England. Einziger, a lifelong science enthusiast descended into the ATLAS and CMS caverns and visited the SM18 test magnet facility during his brief tour of CERN. Einziger learned about the LHC through watching online lectures from University of Manchester and ATLAS physicist Brian Cox, and was thrilled to have the chance to see the detectors in person. The musician has created an orchestral piece, inspired in part by the work being done at CERN for the LHC, which will have its debut in Los Angeles on 23 August.

Jesse Dylan embraces the spirit of ATLAS!

Just over a week earlier, Jesse Dylan, Hollywood film director and son of the famous musician Bob Dylan, visited CERN on 4 June. Also fascinated by the LHC, Dylan made a special journey from Paris for the occasion. He was given a tour by Jim Shank and Chris Thomas from the ATLAS collaboration and plans to use his experience to inspire forthcoming film projects.