Collaborative tools and videoconferencing at CERN

Are you wondering about the intricacies of using videoconferencing and other collaborative tools at CERN? Our two new courses might just be the answer!

In April 2008 the venerable VRVS service was shut down and replaced by EVO. EVO is a Java-based, cross-platform collaborative tool which allows you to hold meetings from your office or from a CERN video conference room. Because of ever-increasing usage of EVO at CERN, IT-UDS-AVC is organizing an introductory EVO course entitled "A hands-on overview of EVO", which will cover the basic usage of EVO (hardware recommendations; booking meetings; joining an EVO meeting from a CERN conference room/office/phone; moderating meetings). This course will be held as a hands-on session in the training centre, and mainly targets meeting conveners and users who want to join meetings from their office.

We also organize a course entitled "Videoconferencing and collaborative tools at CERN", which is a general introduction to the videoconferencing facilities available at CERN. Target audience for this course is anyone who wants to do video conferences from a CERN videoconferencing room, and the course itself will be held in one of the video conference rooms in building 40.

Both courses are offered free of charge and you can sign up for them via the training catalogue, available at