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The centre of the action

The CERN Control Centre (CCC) has all the ingredients of an action movie control room: hundreds of screens, technicians buzzing in and out, huge floor-to-ceiling windows revealing the looming vista of a mountain range, flashing lights, microphones… This is the place where not just the LHC, but the whole of CERN’s accelerator complex and technical support is based - truly the centre of the action at CERN. >>

A word from Steve Myers: The Operational Performance Marathon is just starting

In the previous Bulletin, Lyn (Evans) referred to the construction phase of the LHC as a marathon that is now almost completed. >>

Open Access to the LHC takes on a new meaning

Complete scientific documentation on the LHC machine and detectors is now freely available on the Web. >>

UK Minister enthusiastic after visit to CERN

ON Tuesday 5 August the UK Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills, John Denham, came to CERN. >>

One dee at a time

In July, the four endcap modules of the CMS electromagnetic calorimeter were lowered underground and installed in the experimental cavern. >>

Paris to Beijing by bike: they made it!

The challenge, a 12,623 km cycle trip to Beijing for the inauguration of the Olympic Games, was no easy ride, but they made it there on time. >>

The CERN Canoe and Kayak Club has a swimming time

The new Canoe and Kayak Club, which was formed at the start of the 2006 winter season, already has around twenty members, including some former top-level sportsmen. >>

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