10 September: CERN in the media spotlight

Media organisations around the world are holding their breath in anticipation for the moment the LHC circulates its first proton beam.

On 10 September, the Globe and the experiment control rooms will not only be packed full of eager physicists and electrical engineers, but also journalists. Their aim? Capturing the first moments in the life of the LHC and beaming it around the world for millions of people to see!

"Almost 250 journalists from 33 countries will be here on 10 September. The start-up of the LHC is not just a scientific landmark, but a news story that captures the imagination of people everywhere," comments James Gilles, the Communication Group leader.

A media centre will be set up in the Globe along with a large screen showing the activity in the CCC. Throughout the day a member of the operations team will be on hand to explain what is happening. The first injection of the beam into the machine will be between 9:00 and 10:00 a. m., with the main objective of the day to get the beam to travel a full circuit of the machine.

For more information about the LHC’s first circulating beam and the media day on 10 September you can visit a specially created website:


CERN staff are invited to follow the first beam day events, which will be shown in the following rooms around CERN on the 10 September.


9:15 Talk by Lyn Evans (in French)

and a few words from the Director-General.

All day:

Council Chamber, Main Auditorium, IT Auditorium, AB Prévessin Auditorium, Conference Room 40-S2-A01, Conference Room 40-S2-C01.


AB Meyrin Auditorium, AT Auditorium.