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Your opinion counts

Would you say that your work is stimulating? How do you feel about your working environment and working relationships? Are you proud to be part of this Organization? To find the answers to these questions, the Human Resources Department (HR) will be launching, for the first time, a staff member survey. >>

Joint Advisory Appeals Board

The Joint Advisory Appeals Board has examined the internal appeal lodged by a member of the personnel against the decision to grant him only a periodic one-step advancement for the 2006 reference year. >>

News Articles

Some LHC milestones...  
The story of a historic morning  
A red-letter day !  
Switched on!  
Collaborations on the starting blocks  
A word from the CSO: The LHC experiments are going on-line  
10 September: CERN in the media spotlight  
Mark the date! LHC inauguration and LHC-Fest CERN, Tuesday 21 October 2008  
The Amateur Radio Club: want to be on the same wavelength?  
The Globe: Exhibitions and Events  
Molecular helpers wanted... Call for volunteers!  

Training and Development

Cours d’anglais – French Course  
CERN Technical Training: available Places in forthcoming Courses   

General Information

Change in the CERN account password reset procedure   
Change of Computer Security Officer  
Broadband Data Converter Technical Presentation at CERN by e2v and ANATEC   
Message from the CERN Restaurant Committee  



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