Literature in Focus : Playing with Planets

If you think the future is a mystery, think again. With a solid foothold in realism, an extraordinary insight into scientific and technological developments, and a dry sense of humor, Nobel laureate Professor Gerardus ’t Hoof confidently dissects fact from fiction and shows us what our future might really hold. Professor ’t Hooft takes the reader firmly by the hand and, within the boundaries of solid physics and proven laws of nature, takes us on a ride into the world of the future, which holds remarkable surprises for us all. "Do you dream of intergalaxy space travel, time warps and mini-mes? t’Hooft asks.

"Then please get yourself some more science fiction books, for fiction that is. But for those who are interested in the real world, let me tell you what we CAN expect for the future."

Gerardus t’Hooft

Playing with Planets World Scientific Publishing,

17 March 2008, 3pm In the Library, Bldg 52-1-052

Tea and coffee will be served