New safety course!

Do you need to know how to use the portable breathing apparatus ("Biocell") in order to work at CERN?

If so, you will need to sign up for a new course on how to use this personal protection system. The training starts with a refresher on how the Biocell works. You will then have an opportunity to use a training unit in realistic conditions simulating a tunnel incident: darkness, non-toxic smoke, the noise of a gas leak, an audible alarm to signal oxygen deficiency, and flashing hazard lights.

Once you have participated in this 90-minute training session (in French or English), you will know how to use your Biocell in the event of an emergency.

In the near future, completion of the course will be made mandatory in order to obtain access rights for the LHC and SPS tunnels.

Register for the Biocell course through the Safety training catalogue at:


by DG Unit