A much needed makeover for Restaurant 3

Inaugurated on 23 November, the newly renovated restaurant room and bar area in Prévessin is already welcoming 50% more CERNois than it used to before the construction. A preliminary project has also been submitted to Management for the construction of a new building designed to become the new nerve-centre of the Prévessin site.


The newly renovated bar area in Restaurant 3 (Prévessin site).

The restaurant and bar area on the Prévessin site had not seen much renovation work until this year when, in just a few months, the whole area received a complete makeover. The new installations are in conformity with hygiene and safety rules for food products and are more welcoming for customers.

“In the past, the restaurant used to serve an average of 400 visitors at lunchtime but this number had dwindled to about 200 in more recent times”, says Cristiana Colloca(GS-SEM), project leader of the renovation work. “The new room is more attractive and people working on the Prévessin site seem to appreciate it. The number of customers has increased to an average of 300 at lunchtimes, which is very encouraging.”

The newly renovated restaurant room.

The construction work started in July. A tent was installed to allow the continuation of the service during this phase. “We wanted to finish the work quickly during the summer so we did not need to install lighting or heating in the tent. By September the provisional installation would not have been very comfortable”, explains Colloca. “The work progressed very well and we were on time for the autumn period”.

The renovation of the existing infrastructure was urgently needed for the Prévessin site. However, a more ambitious project might take shape in the future to include a new restaurant, post office and bank. “We have presented the Management with the preliminary project for a new building, which would allow access to the restaurant area also from outside the CERN site”. Quite obviously, access to the rest of the site would remain limited to holders of a CERN access card. There is still a long way to go involving several steps but the Prévessin site might very well have its own “Main Building” in the future.

Did you know?
Three Restaurants are in operation on the CERN sites. All the facilities belong to CERN so any renovation work needed to operate them is CERN’s responsibility. Restaurant 2  and Restaurant 3 are operated respectively by DSR and Avenance, which also run some satellite cafeterias around the Meyrin and Prévessin sites. Restaurant 1 is operated by NOVAE, which also manages some other cafeterias around the site and some vending machines and also participated in the recent renovation work on Restaurant 1.


by CERN Bulletin