CHIS - Annual adjustment of benefits and fixed contributions

As foreseen by the CHIS Rules, an annual adjustment is applied to:
  1. Benefits
    The ceilings have been maintained at the level of 2009. The full list of benefits is available on the CHIS Website.
  2. Voluntary contributions
    The full contribution based on reference salary II is now 975 CHF per month.
    This fixed amount contribution is applied to voluntary affiliated users and associates with normal coverage.
    Half of this rate (487 CHF) is applied to apprentices as well as to voluntary affiliated users and associates with reduced coverage.
    A rate of 390 CHF is applied to children maintaining their insurance cover on a voluntary and temporarily basis.
  3. Supplementary contributions
    From 1st January 2010 the supplementary contribution for the spouse or registered partner of a staff member, fellow or pensioner is as follows for the different monthly income brackets:
  • more than 2'500 CHF and up to 4'250 CHF: 134.-
  • more than 4'250 CHF and up to 7'500 CHF: 234.-
  • more than 7'500 CHF and up to 10'000 CHF: 369.-
  • more than 10'000 CHF: 487.-
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