New co-operation agreement between CERN and JINR

CERN Director-General Rolf Heuer (left) and JINR Director Alexei Sissakian (right).

On Thursday 28 January, CERN Director-General Rolf Heuer and JINR Director Alexei Sissakian signed a new enlarged co-operation agreement to continue and enhance the scientific and technical co-operation of the two institutes in the field of high-energy physics.

CERN and JINR have a long and successful history of collaboration extending back to the earliest days of their existence. The first informal meeting on international co-operation in the field of high-energy accelerators took place at CERN in 1959. It was attended by senior scientists from the United States, the USSR (including JINR) and CERN. Both JINR and CERN have played the role of a bridge between East and West for decades, contributing to the development of international scientific co-operation. In 1992 JINR signed a co-operation agreement with CERN that included an important number of protocols covering JINR’s participation in the construction of the LHC, the ALICE, ATLAS and CMS detectors, as well as information technology. In parallel, JINR has made valuable contributions to smaller CERN experiments.

Now that the major obligations undertaken by JINR for the construction of the LHC and its experiments have been met, CERN and JINR have decided to continue and reinforce their co-operation in the fields of particle physics, accelerator physics and technologies, educational programmes and the development of administrative and financial tools, mutually contributing to the scientific programmes of both laboratories.

by CERN Bulletin