Play Ethnopoly – the game of cultural understanding!

On 23 April, CERN will occupy a square on the great Ethnopoly board, a game being organized for 10 and 11-year-old children from the schools Meyrin and Cointrin.

Ethnopoly is a treasure hunt in which players have to accumulate cultural gems rather than physical ones. Small groups of children accompanied by adults will visit homes and organizations that have volunteered to take part. There, they will learn about the culture and history of their neighbours, and their neighbouring institutions. The goal is to improve integration and to encourage tolerance in a community that’s home to people from all over the world.

As a strong advocate of the power of science to bring nations together, CERN’s place on the board is de rigueur! If you would like to take part and share your experience with the children of Meyrin and Cointrin, and you can speak a little in French, contact us!
Marie Bugnon:

Furthermore, if you live in Meyrin and would like to have your very own Ethnopoly square, the game’s organizers are looking for Meyrin inhabitants to join in the game. If you’re interested, please contact or telephone +41 (0) 77 404 10 65.

by Corinne Pralavorio