The library: you can take it with you!

Access to the electronic resources to which CERN’s library holds a subscription has been restricted in the past to users with a CERN IP address. Thanks to a joint project launched by the IT Department and the Library a few weeks ago, you can now consult them from outside the site.

The new remote service is available to anyone who has a CERN account. All you have to do is register and then configure your proxy settings as per the instructions.

The procedure only takes a few clicks, and you should only have to perform it once. Then you can consult electronic periodicals, databases, on-line encyclopaedias etc. while waiting for a flight or relaxing in your sitting room. Now you can take the library with you wherever you go.

While we’re on the subject: starting with the next issue, there will be a new column in the Bulletin: "Library news"  in which we will provide regular updates on our services, resources and activities, as well as the books available in the Bookshop.

To find out how to use electronic resources from outside CERN, go to this link.

by CERN Library