WELL DONE!!! You were wonderful!

You were around 2000 active and retired staff members gathered on Thursday 18 March in the hall of the Main Building and in the march that followed. You listened attentively to the messages given by your Staff Association representatives. You were just as many to sign the petition “Pension Fund: a deficit of 2 000 million CHF, that’s enough!” The Member State delegates, who were gathered in a CERN Council meeting while all of this was happening, can now no longer ignore the huge concerns of all the staff and were able to judge for themselves its determination to be heard.

We are now convinced that we can count on all of you over the coming months when we need to defend the employment conditions of active and retired staff. Today it is pensions, tomorrow will be health insurance and salaries.
OBJECTIVE: employment conditions likely to perpetuate the excellence of the Organization. An excellence solely due to the dedication and professional quality of the current and past CERN staff of which CERN can be proud.

Thank you all for this mass participation and see you very soon.

Pensions: latest developments, speeches, photos on http://association.cern.ch

by Staff Association