The LHC Physics Centre at CERN

As the LHC goes on line for its first exploration of the new high-energy frontier, CERN is also getting ready to enhance the support it provides for the analysis and interpretation of the emerging data.


 The LHC Physics Centre at CERN (LPCC) has started up over the past couple of months, beginning with a series of initiatives ranging from Workshops to lectures for students. More details about the LPCC will be featured in a forthcoming Bulletin article. In the meantime, you can consult the LPCC web page, now available at This offers the high energy physics community a portal to the LPCC's activities, as well as to useful resources, tools and information about the LHC physics programme, the progress of accelerator operations, relevant workshops and events around the world, and much more. The LPCC will shortly begin issuing a weekly bulletin of its own, distributed by e-mail. Members of the CERN physics community and subscribers to the CERN Bulletin will receive the LPCC Bulletin. To subscribe and unsubscribe, please email

by CERN Bulletin