Ordinary General Assembly

Tuesday 20 April
at 10.00
Council Chamber, Bldg 503

In conformity with the Statutes of the Staff Association, an ordinary General Assembly is organized once a year (article IV.2.1).

  1. Adoption of the Agenda
  2. Approval of the Draft Minutes of the Ordinary General Assembly of 12 May 2009
  3. Presentation and approval of the Activity Report 2009
  4. Presentation and approval of the Financial Report 2009
  5. Presentation and approval of the Auditors Report 2009
  6. Programme for 2010
  7. Presentation et and approval of the draft budget and subscription rate 2010
  8. Modifications to the statutes of the association
  9. Election of the Election Committee
  10. Election of the Board of Auditors
  11. Miscellaneous
We remind members of article IV.3.4 in the Statutes of the Association which reads:
“After having dealt with all the items on the agenda, the members may, with the consent of the Assembly, have other matters discussed, but decisions may be taken only on the items listed on the agenda. Nevertheless, the Assembly may require the Council to examine any matter which it deems necessary.”

by Association du personnel