Win a lift to the future!

The Communication Group is organising a competition offering people at CERN the chance to submit their ideas and win a ticket to the Lift10 Conference, which will be held in Geneva from 5 to7 May.


Lift is a community of technology "pioneers", created in 2006. It now involves more than 4,000 people from over 60 countries, who meet regularly in Europe and in Asia to explore the social implications of new technologies and the major shifts ahead.

CERN is one of the academic partners of the next Lift conference, whose theme is "Connected people”. For this occasion, 10 free tickets to the conference will be awarded to the "CERNois" who come up with the best answers to the question:
How would you contribute to Lift10?”

Those taking part in the competition can choose from among the following categories:
- run workshop(s);
- cover the conference on a blog;
- coordinate a discussion during the breaks;
- organize a lift@home event before or after the conference;
- interview a speaker for CERN.

Laurent Haug, the founder and president of Lift, looks forward to welcoming the ten winners of the CERN competition: “I believe that the quality of a conference depends first and foremost on the quality of the audience, which CERN attendees will certainly help to enhance”, he says.

For the first Lift conference Haug chose the motto: “Held in Geneva, where the Web was born”. Throughout the years the role of CERN in the partnership with Lift has evolved. “Like most people, I did not really realise the impact the LHC could have on us until we invited Brian Cox as a speaker at Lift07”, he recalls. “I now appreciate how much finding the elusive Higgs boson would mean, and I believe this is where CERN could make a huge difference in the coming years”.

How to participate?
Choose a category from among those listed above and send your ideas on how best to contribute to Lift10 to by 30 April. The winners will be contacted and given a free ticket to the conference.

by CERN Bulletin