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Printable colour version for download

You can download the pdf coloured version of the latest issue of the Bulletin from the following url: http://www. >>

Physicists get INSPIREd

Particle physicists thrive on information. They first create information by performing experiments or elaborating theoretical conjectures and then they share it through publications and various web tools. The INSPIRE service, just released, will bring state of the art information retrieval to the fingertips of researchers. >>

Hats off to the particle suppliers

A couple of weeks into the LHC’s first high energy physics run, and we’ve already got an impressive story to tell. Long fills for physics are becoming routine, luminosity scans have increased the collision rate. The operators are becoming adept at squeezing the beams ever smaller, and higher intensity studies are progressing well. With the experiments, it’s the same story.   >>

LHC status report

Following the great success of the first 3.5 TeV collisions in all four LHC experiments on 30 March, the focus of the LHC commissioning teams has turned to consolidating the beam injection and acceleration procedures. >>

When particles hit the headlines

With its high discovery potential and unprecedented performance, the LHC is a much-anticipated machine. Media and the public are eagerly following every development, and on 30 March, the communication teams provided wide coverage of the day’s historic events.   >>

Renewing our green spaces

CERN’s poplars were planted 50 years ago to soak up the surplus water in the ground beneath the Laboratory’s sites. Now that they have reached the end of their life-cycle, some of the poplars are in danger of falling or losing their dead branches. On Saturday, 17 April, as part of the campaign launched in February at Prévessin, work will start on replacing the poplars on central areas of the Meyrin site.   >>

Puzzling antimatter

For many years, the absence of antimatter in the Universe has tantalised particle physicists and cosmologists: while the Big Bang should have created equal amounts of matter and antimatter, we do not observe any primordial antimatter today. Where has it gone? The LHC experiments have the potential to unveil natural processes that could hold the key to solving this paradox. >>

A trendy approach to education!

On 11 March, Lyn Evans, the LHC project leader, talked live to hundreds of students in Wales using the standard videoconference equipment available at CERN (see box below). The students were delighted with the presentation and obviously very much appreciated this modern means of communication with the Laboratory. A further lecture is planned for May. >>

The person behind much of your reading matter

Four million black and white copies and twenty thousand colour copies in 2009 alone – all printed, finished and filed by one person: Florella Lamole, an employee of an outside contractor who has been based at CERN since 1982. >>

The beauty of the physical world

Graham Farmelo, author and former particle physicist, visited CERN on 25 March. To the CERNois gathered in the Main Auditorium, he talked about his new book The Strangest Man, a biography of Paul Dirac. Dirac was obsessed by the importance of mathematical beauty in fundamental physics, a belief that was “almost a religion” to him. Farmelo himself has no doubts: among all of the natural phenomena the LHC may unveil, supersymmetry is the most beautiful. >>

Win a lift to the future!

The Communication Group is organising a competition offering people at CERN the chance to submit their ideas and win a ticket to the Lift10 Conference, which will be held in Geneva from 5 to7 May.   >>

A salutary exercise

On 25 March, a fire drill was carried out in Building 60 in the presence of the Director-General. The dual aims were to test the alarm system and give the building's occupants the opportunity to practice the evacuation drill. Everything went well and people were able to resume their normal activities immediately afterwards. >>

Film showing - Higgs: into the heart of imagination

On 29 April at 7pm Dutch filmmakers, Hannie van den Bergh and Jan van den Berg, will introduce their directorial debut, Higgs: into the heart of imagination in CERN’s Main Auditorium. >>

A young Russian choir at CERN

On Thursday 8 April, a Russian choir of 39 children from Gatchina (45 km from St Petersburg) visited CERN and improvised a very nice performance in the Reception of building 33. >>

Library news

The CERN Library has been providing electronic access to the "Techniques de l'Ingénieur" database for the past 8 months. >>

François Louis (1928-2010)

François Louis, who was a CERN mathematician from 1957 to 1988, passed away on 23 March 2010. >>

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