Geneva Marathon

Congratulations to all the CERN participants in the Geneva marathon and half-marathon who ran on Sunday 9 May. CERN performed exceptionally well in the inter-enterprise category, collecting the 1st and 2nd places in the Marathon competition, and 2nd place in the half-marathon competition.


Some of the CERN Running Club participants after the Geneva Marathon 2010. From left to right: Junginger Tobias (marathon), Dore Graham (half-marathon), Cauphy Alain (marathon), Ruiz Camille (half-marathon), Ziogas Nicolas (marathon), Fluckiger Martin (marathon).

More than 24 runners from CERN participated in either the Marathon or the half-Marathon.

A successful but not easy day in Geneva, as reported by Nick Ziogas: “37 to 40 was very tough for me. My goal was to improve from last year and I improved by 3 minutes 10 seconds which is fantastic really. So I am delighted!”.

Participants in the leading CERN teams in each category are listed below.


1. CERN 10:07.10,2
623 Ziogas Nicolas M-H3 3:12.26,4 18.
241 Fluckiger Martin M-H5 3:19.08,0 1.
560 Sousa Filipe Jose M-H1 3:35.35,8 8.


2. CERN 4:00.40,7
3606 Doebert Steffen S-H3 1:17.29,8 3.
4672 Ruiz Camille S-H3 1:18.14,1 4.
3613 Dore Graham S-H3 1:24.56,8 32.
3699 Fernier Pascal S-H4 1:33.17,6 18.

More information about the Geneva Marathon, including full results, can be found here.

by CERN Running and Fitness Clubs