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"New SU" doing very nicely!

It seems to me what we most urgently need is a proper name for the "New SU". For a boat that is currently ranking a vey respectable 21st out of 35 in the Swiss Sailing Championships for Surprise, "New Surprise" is not sufficient identification! Check out http://www.cnpully.ch/uploads/media/cs_surprise_s.htm. All congratulations to Thierry and his crew, some old members (we speak chronologically), some newer, one completely new this year.

SUI 702 


KLUDAS Jana (F1980)
PROKOFIEV Kirill (M1978)
SWOBODA Detlef (M1948)

Still on the subject of the new Surprise, if you have not seen our webpage blog, let us remind you that a furling job does NOT NECESSARILY EQUATE TO A REEFING JOB - that is, the useful feature of Gipsy, of only unfurling as much Genoa as wind conditions recommend does not apply to Surprises. It is more trouble, but necessary onboard the Surprise, to take down the Genoa jib and use the storm jib also shipped.

Cleaning the hull, pre-Regatta, photo Kirill.

The level of water has risen, so we hope no-one now will succeed in sticking the keel in the mud, "assuming" that there is sufficient depth of water over towards the harbour petrol-pump - there wasn't! And finally, the Great Peanuts Onboard Saga has been satisfactorily resolved with a reprimand: remember - of course - that it is your duty to check and clean each Club boat when you leave her!

Fair winds from your YCC Committee

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