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CERN Technical training: Available places in forthcoming courses   >>

CERN Technical training: Available places in forthcoming courses

The following course sessions are scheduled in the framework of the 2010 CERN Technical Training Programme and places are still available. >>

LabVIEW Support at CERN

Since the beginning of 2009, due to the CERN restructuring, LabVIEW support moved from the IT to the EN department, joining the Industrial Controls and Electronics Group (ICE). >>

Άρθρα Νέων

The LHC Physics Centre at CERN  
A new resource for the entire LHC community  
Towards higher intensities  
Sixteen silver wires to assemble 350 kg of copper  
Bubbles for POPS  
Combining business with pleasure  
The bowling balls  
AMS prepares for long stay in space  
The first African School of Physics  
When CERN travels abroad  
CERN in the Media – Video Presentations  
Forging ties between young People from CERN and ESA  
Photo-movie from yesterday's relay race  
If you see extra towels on 25 May, Don’t Panic!  
Pop-up particle physics  
News from the Library  
Geneva Marathon  
150 Bulgarian students visit CERN  
Agreement signed by the DG with the ITU  
Alexei Norairovich Sissakian (1944-2010)  

Επίσημα Νέα

Modifications to the Rules of the CERN Health Insurance Scheme  

Γενικές πληροφορίες

France at CERN  
Come and see our new high-tech products!  
ACCU Meeting  

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Orienteering club  
Yachting club  
Yoga club  
CERN choir  
Association Nairucu Arts   
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