Respect changes your life!

CERN has recently joined the Geneva-based association "Le respect, ça change la vie" (Respect can change our lives). As its name suggests, the association promotes respect, in all its forms. This decision will enable CERN to share some of its values, those it has in common with the association, with the community at large.


The new bilingual logo of the "Le respect ça change la vie" association.

"CERN has been a member of the Geneva-based association "Le respect, ça change la vie" since March," says Friedemann Eder, Head of the Relations with the Host States Service. Mutual respect, respecting the differences and the work of others, respect on the road, in the family, at school, etc. The association, which was founded in 2003 and now has a large number of members, promotes this universal value and encourages discussion on it. "CERN's history shows the importance and success of values such as international collaboration and the respect of differences," continues Eder. "These are the same values as those promoted by the association."
CERN's membership comes just as its new Code of Conduct enters into force, placing these very values on a formal footing within the Organization. "Joining the association "Le respect, ça change la vie" will enable us to share these values more effectively outside CERN, with our neighbours," explains Corinne Pralavorio, who is responsible for communication with the local community.

The association's logo, which sums up its philosophy, could be displayed on CERN vehicles, for example. The original logo was in French only, but the association enthusiastically agreed to design a bilingual one (see illustration) at CERN's request. "Displaying the association's logo is a way of publicly demonstrating our commitment. It promotes not only CERN's image but also the image of the people who work here, and by extension that of international civil servants as a whole. By joining the association, CERN has signed up to a collective approach that involves many of the surrounding communes, some major companies, another international organization and others too," says Eder.

An event to publicise CERN's membership of the association further is in the pipeline for the autumn. In the meantime, we can all start practising the principle of mutual respect, which incidentally is also mentioned in the Code of Conduct.

Respect is often about simple gestures…

A kind look
A smile
Saying hello
Saying thank you
Holding the door for someone
Running errands for someone less able
Helping each other

by Alizée Dauvergne