E-njoy the first CERN Global Network e-vent!

Empowered by the considerable interest it received after it was launched, the CERN Global Network takes off and organizes the first e-vent, which will be a special talk on science communication that will be held on 29 June at 4.30 p.m. in the Council Chamber. You can experience it live on the Global Network site and, if you are a Member, provide feedback. Stay linked!


On the CERN Global Network webpage, you will be able to choose the topic of the next e-vents.

Seven weeks after its launch, about 600 people have already joined the CERN Global Network and six thematic groups have been created. The whole idea of joining the Network is to stay connected or reconnect with life at CERN where seminars, talks and discussions are undoubtedly a very important and much appreciated part of it. This is where the e-vents come into play. “The e-vents enable members of the Global Network to participate in selected events taking place at CERN, such as lectures or panel discussions. They will be broadcasted live through the Web, with the possibility for members of the Network to post their questions and comments before, during, as well as after the e-vent”, explains Claudio Parrinello, Head of the Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT) Group.

The topics of the e-vents are chosen by the members who answer a poll set up on the Network webpage. For this first e-vent, users have selected the science communication topic. “To make it easier for users to take part in the e-vent and feel part of it, a discussion group will be created before, and will survive after the e-vent, and the recorded lecture will remain available on the website”, underlines Marina Giampietro, Communication Officer for the KTT Group.

The CERN Global Network vitality is directly linked to that of its members. “The CERN Global Network is designed to be a two-way tool for communication across the CERN community. Feedback and suggestions from all members are of vital importance to shape the Network in order to meet the users expectations”, says Marina Giampietro. And Claudio Parrinello adds: “E-vents are a powerful illustration of how the Global Network can concretely foster knowledge transfer across the worldwide community of its members. The idea behind e-vents is that if you are not at CERN, we bring key CERN events to you, and enable you to contribute almost as if you were here!”

So, wherever you are, on June 29th at 4.30 pm (CET) connect to the CERN Global Network and watch the first e-vent on science communication. The speaker will be James Gillies, Head of the CERN Communication Group and the talk will focus on the challenge of communicating science after the LHC start-up phase.

by CERN Bulletin