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Common sense codified

At CERN, people of more than a hundred different nationalities and hundreds of different professions work together towards a common goal. The new Code of Conduct is a tool that has been designed to help us keep our workplace pleasant and productive through common standards of behaviour. Its basic principle is mutual respect and common sense. This is only natural, but not trivial…  >>

A workplace marked by respect and understanding

Integrity, commitment, professionalism, creativity and diversity: five words that each and every one of us at CERN can identify with, because they represent the core values of this Organization. That’s why they have been chosen as the starting point for our new Code of Conduct, which is being launched this week.  >>

CERN gets an “Ombuds”

Vincent Vuillemin, previously Head of the EN Department, has been appointed CERN's first “Ombuds”. According to Wikipedia, the word Ombudsman, which is of Swedish origin, means: "a person who acts as a trusted intermediary between an organization and some internal or external constituency". He is authorised to be the first person whom people can consult when it has not proved possible to resolve a potential interpersonal conflict amicably or with the assistance of the competent hierarchy. >>

Respect changes your life!

CERN has recently joined the Geneva-based association "Le respect, ça change la vie" (Respect can change our lives). As its name suggests, the association promotes respect, in all its forms. This decision will enable CERN to share some of its values, those it has in common with the association, with the community at large. >>

“Universe of Particles” opens in the Globe

CERN’s brand new permanent exhibition provides a high-tech experience with virtual interactive stations and pieces of actual detectors to intrigue the general public about some of the world’s most sophisticated physics tools and experiments. >>

Renovating the Main Building

In light green the area that will undergo the facelift. Work will start in July. >>

E-njoy the first CERN Global Network e-vent!

Empowered by the considerable interest it received after it was launched, the CERN Global Network takes off and organizes the first e-vent, which will be a special talk on science communication that will be held on 29 June at 4.30 p.m. in the Council Chamber. You can experience it live on the Global Network site and, if you are a Member, provide feedback. Stay linked! >>

CERN's first female firefighter

Séverine Peverelly took up her post as a firefighter in April. >>

CernDOC, a fertile ground for the web’s inception.

It is widely acknowledged that the World Wide Web took its first steps towards success at CERN. However, lesser well known is that earlier in the 80s, CERN teams had already developed CERNDOC, a very advanced documentation system, and one of the first to implement the client-server model. This same idea was later used in the development of the Web. >>

Accelerator shielding experts meet at CERN

Fifteen years after its first CERN edition, the Shielding Aspects of Accelerator, Targets and Irradiation Facility (SATIF) conference was held again here from 2-4 June. Now at its 10th edition, SATIF10 brought together experts from all over the world to discuss issues related to the shielding techniques. They set out the scene for an improved collaboration and discussed novel shielding solutions. >>

A new record for CERN: Photon accelerates to 85 km/h!

The solar vehicule from the Solar Club of CERN, nicely named Photon, will soon drive a new race. Three members of the club will accompany it to Cyprus, where it will start the competition, on 19th June. >>

Pomeranchuk Prize awarded to André Martin

Professor André Martin has been awarded the I.Ya.Pomeranchuk Prize 2010, alongside Professor Valentine Zakharov. >>

France at CERN

Rolf Heuer, CERN Director General, visits the exhibition "La France au CERN". >>

A more modern look for the Council Chamber exhibition

Two of the new panels recently installed in the Council Chamber. >>

News from the Library

A third of the world’s current literature in electrical engineering is available on your CERN desktop Looking for a technical standard on software reviews and audits? Is it referred to as "IEEE... >>

Film Presentation: Die Urknallmaschine

Die Urknallmaschine, an Austrian film by Gerd Baldauf, narrated by Norbert Frischauf (Alpha Österreich - ORF, 2009). >>

LHC Report

During last week the commissioning effort has been devoted to beam development work, required to accelerate beams with nominal bunch intensity to 3. >>

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