It is not entire coincidence that your ever-attentive YCC Committee schedules our Traversée du Lac (dinghies, catamarans, windsurfs - although admittedly not many of the latter these last few seasons) for the same weekend as the rather larger-scale Bol d’Or: it enables our intrepid crews to practise their priority rules as Dona Bertarelli sweeps past with LadyCat and gives you something to watch should the wind drop momentarily ...

The rest is history, as we say and your scribe will not repeat here the results, either of the Traversée or of the Bol - go find them on our respective Webs! But many thanks to John and Sarah Fullerton for organising this event and to Wolfgang Adam for ably skippering our new Q-boat. And a gentle reminder to us all, please, that we are fairly short of volunteers on all fronts: not merely routine maintenance, remembering to clean the boat you enjoy from time to time but also - urgently - Q-boat skippers (she’s new and lovely: come meet her, take her for a spin!) and regatta organisers. We seem to rely too much on the old faithfuls, and it is a really enjoyable way of participating in Club activities.

Reiner's 49er: photo John Fullerton.

The adjacent picture is intended to remind us that participation in regattas is open to you with a Club boat, with or without experience, or with your own boat - we’ve even bent the rules to encourage non-members on occasion! Conversely, the Bol d’Or, the “biggest regatta in the world on closed water” may be mostly private boats but the Club is almost always represented too, for instance with our other recent acquisition, Mamma Mia.

Fair winds from your YCC Committee

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