And now, for the winners.

The Computer Security Day held on 10 June was a success. There were eight presentations, with some forty people attending each session.


The presentation videos can be viewed on Indico. The computer security team’s new website is now up and running, with a wealth of useful information and advice. Go to



The quiz attracted 130 participants, and the answers have now been posted on line! The quiz winners are:

Lars Aprin,
Richard Baud,
Thibaut Bernard,
Brice Copy,
Daniele de Ruschi,
Sébastien Gadrat,
Amanda Garcia Munoz,
Stephen Gowdy,
Joni Hahkala,
Joseph Izen,
Ryszard Erazm Jurga,
Jukka Klem,
Danila Oleynik,
Ian Pong,
Pascal Serge Roguet,
Jani Tapani Taskinen,
Jan Therhaag,
Yves Thurel,
Adrian Vogel,
Thomas White.

Well done to all! If you haven’t done so already, you should soon be getting your prize (i.e. a book, a T-shirt or a bag, etc.).


by Alizée Dauvergne